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Tandridge Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter

Bulletin 11   May 11th – May 24th 2023

  Dear Residents


 The school half term week is about to begin and some of you may be planning to spend the week  away from home.


 Please be aware that criminals do try and target houses they believe to be empty. Take all  necessary precautions before you go. Tell your neighbours of your intentions and ask them to keep an eye out for anyone suspicious around your property.


 Timer switches for lights are a very useful tool. If you have nearby relatives or really trust your  neighbours then leave house keys with them and ask them to attend your house on occasion to  check if all is ok and to move mail etc., as it gives the impression that the house is being used.


 All these safeguards can also be used if you are taking an extended holiday in the summer months  to come.


 Inspector Lyndsey Whatley

 Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood Inspector






Our Neighbourhood Patrol Team and Safer Neighbourhood Team deal with a variety of incidents. Here are a few they dealt with since the last Bulletin.


There were  21  Arrests in the period  May 8th  to May 21st : Domestic Abuse 9  ,Domestic Incident 2, Public Order 1  , Drug related 1   , Criminal Damage 2  , Vehicle Crime 1   , Prescribed Limit 1  , Violent Crime Other 1  ,  Crime other 1 , Child at risk 2  .


On May 12th after a single vehicle road traffic collision a male was arrested for driving over the prescribed limit for alcohol.


 If your area is NOT referred to below it is because we have not been informed of the crime or it has not been affected by reported crime in the categories below. Feedback from you will help to achieve the most appropriate circulation of information.




Burglary including sheds and garages


Smallfield Road, Horne. Between May 11th and 16th the rear door of a vacant property was forced open and all the cooper pipes, wire and items including a hot water tank were removed causing substantial damage (ref 45230053353).


 Burglary Business and Community


Prince of Wales Road, Outwood. Overnight May 17th to 18th suspects gained access to a padlocked barn and stole a trailer index RJ65SVE, power tools and grinders (ref 45230054322).




Dwelly Lane, Edenbridge.Around 23.12 May 19th three suspects in a silver pick up were seen loading high voltage cable onto their vehicle at a temporary road works site. After being challenged by a security guard they smashed the rear windscreen of his car as he was on the phone to police before driving off (ref 45230055002).


Vicarage Road, Lingfield. Overnight May 14th to 15th a newly erected plastic greenhouse was stolen from allotments (ref 45230053325).







Coopers Hill Road, South Nutfield. Between 10.30 and 17.30 May 14th around 4,500 litres of fuel oil was stolen from a tank and damage caused to a fence (ref 45230052724).


Carlton Road, South Godstone. Overnight May 16th to 17th the fence to a yard was cut and a black and silver HB5 11 Ilford Williams horse trailer was stolen (ref 45230054173).


Vehicle Crime


Nutfield Road, Nutfield – Theft. Overnight May 12th to 13th a car stolen from Worsted Green, Merstham was found burnt out in a lay by on Nutfield Road (ref 45230052321).


Kings Cross Lane, South Nutfield – Keyless Theft. Around 00.15 May 17th a box van with a tail lift index DY63KMA was stolen by two suspects wearing blue overalls and caps together with white cloth masks (ref 45230053785).


Lindley Road, Godstone – Criminal Damage. Overnight May 18th to 19th the rear window of a car was smashed (ref 45230054925).




 Burglary including sheds and garages


 Greenhurst Lane, Hurst Green.  Between 09.00 and 14.00 May 21st after gaining access to a house under construction through a double glazed window at the front, suspects removed Millwaukee tools, a Dewalt battery and a Husquvarna petrol disk cutter (ref 45230055759).


 Criminal Damage


Hurstlands, Hurst Green. Between May 20th and 22nd the front doors of a church were damaged after being forced open (ref 45230055805).


 Vehicle Crime


Wolfs Wood, Hurst Green. Between 21.00 and 22.00 May 15th a catapult is believed to have been used causing damage to a window of a property (ref 45230053246).


Holland Road, Hurst Green. Around 00.20 May 18th a van is believed to have been deliberately set alight and was destroyed (ref 45230054459).In the same road  between May 15th and 18th a car was keyed  down one side (ref 45230055188).






Stafford Road, Caterham. Around 03.25 May 23rd a taxi driver arriving to collect a fare was forced out of the car, assaulted and the car driven off with 3 males inside it. The stole car was a dark grey Kia Nero 2 which was later found abandoned in Bletchingley after being involved in a single vehicle road traffic collision (ref 45230056100).




Park Road, Caterham on The Hill. Between 06.30 and 16.40 May 11th the storage box on a building site was broken into and Kango drills, a laser level, transformer and other tools were stolen (ref 45230051746).


 Stafford Road, Caterham. Overnight May 9th to 10th a building site was broken into and fittings and cables were stolen (ref 45230051892).


Vehicle Crime


Godstone Road, Whyteleafe – Criminal Damage. Around 20.00 May 11th the windows of a car were pulled down but nothing stolen (ref 45230051673).


Stafford Road, Caterham – Criminal Damage. Overnight May 11th to 12th a motorcycle was damaged during attempts to steal it (ref 45230052085).Around 03.00 May 12th a moped tyre was slashed with a razor blade (ref 45230052041).


Alexander Crescent, Caterham on The Hill – Criminal Damage. Around 12.00 May 12th the front windscreen of a car was smashed (ref 45230052297).


Homesdale Road, Caterham on The Hill – Theft. Between 19.00 and 21, 00 May 15th the rear door of a van was drilled through and a large quantity of power tools mostly Makita ones were stolen (ref 45230053238).


Guards Avenue, Caterham on The Hill – Theft. Between 16.30 and 17.00 May 15th a van was broken into and multiple power tools were stolen (ref 45230053593).


 Coulsdon Road, Caterham on The Hill – Theft. Overnight May 17th to 18th a silver Nissan Micro index VO60WZU was stolen (ref 45230054519).






Badgers Lane, Warlingham. Around 12.00 May 12th two males in a white Transit van drove into a property and stole a quantity of scrap metal (ref 45230051975).


Vehicle Crime


Hillbury Road, Warlingham – Theft. Around 01.30 May19th sunglasses were stolen from an unlocked car on a driveway by a male suspect wearing a black bomber jacket and he had a JD Sports drawstring bag over his shoulder (ref 45230054573).


If you have to contact us about a non-urgent matter or to provide information on non-urgent suspicious matters or unusual behaviour you have observed which may be useful intelligence for us at a future date please email Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood Team:  tandridge@surrey.police.uk 
The information you provide will be read and treated in confidence when the staff are next on duty.

Any recipient of Neighbourhood Alert  is free to copy our Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter to any other interested party who can also register to receive the bulletin at: https://neighbourhoodalert.co.uk


You can read past editions on the Tandridge Neighbourhood Watch website www.tandridgenhw.org  if you click on the tab headed Police

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