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Mole Valley Beat Bulletin 23 May 2023

Good Morning, 


With holiday bookings on the horizon, don’t let your guard down when booking your getaway! Criminals set up convincing websites and social pages with dreamy accommodation … that doesn’t exist. Stop, Challenge and Protect before booking and check online reviews. #TakeFive




This vehicle was stopped in #Leatherhead yesterday by #VanguardRST due to its excessive speed. Upon being stopped, the driver handed over their cannabis and was arrested, having failed a #DrugWipe. #Fatal5 #SnowBallEffect



Last week in support of Project EDWARD's week of action, extra speed enforcement took place across the county. On 16/05/23 one of the Surrey Police Specials was on A24 Beare Green which has a 50mph limit. They recorded this vehicle at 84mph!!! Driver reported to court. #Fatal5



So far this year Surrey Police have received:

☎️51,469 calls to 999

☎️64,199 calls to 101

Our contact handlers are operating under immense pressure fielding tens of thousands of calls to police every month. Would you know how to contact us when you need us?

• Non-emergency? Direct message us on social media or use the online reporting form on our website. Both options are often quicker than calling 101.

• Unsure of whether it’s a police matter? Ask for advice and guidance using the live web chat on our website, also staffed by dedicated digital call handlers.

• In an emergency where a crime is happening now or someone is in immediate danger, always call 999.





Ahead of car boot sale season, we spoke to BBC Radio 4 this morning about the devastating impact of tool theft and the circular economy of the second-hand stolen tool market.

Officers will be attending car boot sales over the summer to check for stolen tools, as well as stepping up patrols in hot spot areas for theft across the county.

Tune in to listen to Intelligence Manager Simon Dann talk about how to protect your tools from theft, skip to time stamp 26:00 > https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m001m4fm





Have you ever reviewed your smart doorbell or home CCTV footage and noticed someone acting suspiciously? Well, we want you to send the footage to our Proactive Investigation Teams.

We are asking you to help us by submitting and video footage and images that might be connected to thefts and burglaries in the area. This may be in the form of photos, CCTV, dash cam, or doorbell footage.

Our suspicious activity portal allows members of the public to upload videos and images showing suspicious behaviour at your property. Examples of this could be someone lurking around on your driveway, looking in your car and trying the handles, or conducting occupancy checks prior to a burglary.

We understand that sometimes this type of footage might get uploaded to community groups on social media but sending the footage to us will help us to identify offenders operating in the area and will potentially link individuals to offences which have occurred elsewhere such as burglaries, thefts of vehicles and catalytic converters.

Although realistically we may not be able to identify every person in a piece of footage, especially if they have a face covering, every clip feeds into our understanding of the bigger burglary picture in your area. In the long-term we hope that this initiative will help us reduce the number of burglary offences and provide reassurance to residents.

You can find out more and submit your footage here ➡️https://surrey.police.uk/suspiciousactivityportal




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