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Dear Residents,

Welcome to the Police Update for the last week.

The message includes burglaries, vehicle thefts and catalytic converter thefts reported between the 9th  March 2023 to 16th March 2023.  




10/03/2023  19:00    Warren Drive, Kingswood.  Residential Burglary.  Method of Entry-  To be confirmed, but it is believed that forced access has been gained through a first floor bedroom window.

Stolen:  Not confirmed at this time but including a Watch.   (PR 45230027842)



01/03/2023 Between 08:34 to 08:44   Cromwell  Road, Redhill.   Residential  Burglary.   Method of Entry- Access has been gained to the communal area of the property. Forced entry has been gained through the door to the flat.

Stolen:  Nothing taken (PR 45230028225)

14/03/2023  Between 13:00 to 19:00   Wood Street, Redhill.   Residential  Burglary.   Method of Entry- Access has been gained through the door to the property

Stolen:  Nothing taken.  (PR 45230028468)



 No Reports this week


 Please remember we provide lots of advice on our website for keeping you, and your property safe : https://www.surrey.police.uk/burglary/




Catalytic Converters Theft

No report this week.


Vehicle Thefts

There are 3 reports for the last week, including 1 Keyless  Car Theft. Please note that in all reports this week the vehicle is a Ford Fiesta.

Horley, Riverside.   Between 28/01/2023 05:00 to 10/03/2023  00:15 -  Vehicle Theft    Ford Fiesta   (PR 45230027487)

Tadworth, Shelvers Hill,  14/03/2023 00:00  – Vehicle Theft   Ford Fiesta (PR 45230028988)

Tadworth, Watermead. 14/02/2023 Between 00:00 to 05:13  -  Keyless Car Theft -   Ford Fiesta  (PR 45230029118)

Please remember we provide lots of advice on our website for keeping your car safe:







Create a natural defence against burglary

As we are entering Spring you may be looking at new planting. Planting particular shrubs (in their mature or semi mature form) along garden walls and fences can make it harder for burglars to access your property or put them off completely. To maximise this effect plant them close to each other.

We recommend planting any of the following:

Berberis                   Osmanthus                     Forget

Poncirus                   Crataegus                       Pyracantha

Aralia                        Chaenomeles                 Ribes

Oplopanax               Elaeagnus                       Robinia

Colletia                     Ilex                                 Climbing roses

Maclura                   Mahonia                         Ligustrum (privet), or laurel

Smilax and Zanthoxylum

Live in a ground floor flat or share a communal garden?     You can still make use of these tips by planting in front of ground floor windows to prevent easy access.


The Police Reference Number (PR) with each of the reports is shown in brackets. If you have any information on any of the reports, including CCTV, please contact us quoting the Police Reference Number (PR).

How to contact us

As always, the local Neighbourhood Team are keen to receive information on all crime spotted or believed to have occurred as this can assist with ongoing enquiries, as well as helping to pool information to build a wider understanding.

 If you believe you have any information relating to relevant information or concerns you can:

  • Call 101
  • On line reporting https://www.surrey.police.uk/ro/report/ocr/af/how-to-report-a-crime/
  • If you have social media, why not give us a follow. You can also message us if you want to report something to us
    • Our Facebook is Reigate and Banstead Beat (Surrey Police) and our twitter is ReigateBeat
  • You can also give information totally anonymously by contacting the Independent  Charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111; or through their anonymous online form  https://crimestoppers-uk.org/

    In an Emergency please contact 999.

    As ever if you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 


    Best wishes,

    Reigate & Banstead Safer  Neighbourhood Team





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