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Tandridge Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter

Bulletin 6   March 2 nd – March 15th 2023

Dear Residents

Two weeks ago Surrey Police seized more than £17,000 in cash during County Lines Intensification Week.

The intensification week, which runs nationally, focused on disrupting county lines, and protecting vulnerable people within the community who are at risk of exploitation by drug dealers.

During the week, which ran from Monday, 27 February to Sunday, 5 March, Surrey Police’s officers visited schools, gyms, and sports clubs, to raise awareness of county lines and the signs of exploitation. Officers safeguarded 23 people, carried out 45 cuckooing prevention visits, and spoke to over 700 people at school events and through community engagement.  

Over £17,000 in cash was seized during the week, alongside 168 wraps of cocaine, 22 phones, and six weapons. In total, teams carried out seven warrants over the week, and eight people were arrested for various drug offences.

The week involved both our proactive and neighbourhood teams, alongside a host of teams working behind the scenes, including digital forensics, economic crime, and Intel.

Drug dealers and county lines gangs exploit the most vulnerable members of our community for their own gains. We, however, will stop at nothing to disrupt county lines operating within Surrey. Our priority will always be to help keep people safe, and to protect victims of these crimes.

The information the public provides us with is vital in helping us to stop criminality relating to drug dealing and county lines. Any information you may have, no matter how small, can help us to build the bigger picture and ultimately be the missing piece of the puzzle that means we can disrupt a county line.

Please contact us with any information that you may have, and our officers, and teams behind the scenes, will use this in their investigations. If you’d rather not speak to police, please reach out to the anonymous and fully independent charity Crimestoppers.


 Inspector Lyndsey Whatley

Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood Inspector





Our Neighbourhood Patrol Team and Safer Neighbourhood Team deal with a variety of incidents. Here are a few they dealt with since the last Bulletin.


There were 15   Arrests in the period February 28th to March 12th: Domestic Abuse 6, Violent Domestic Abuse 2, Violent Crime Other 2, Drink/Drug in Charge 2, Drug Related 1, and Drunk in Charge 2.


On March 14th Officers from Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood Team, DCU and our Pro-active Team executed multiple warrants in the Hurst Green Area after a rise in burglaries and car crime in the Borough. Multiple items were located including tools, air weapons and catapults which may link to offences. The investigations and enquiries are still ongoing.

 We would like to reassure the public that we take these offences seriously and will act robustly to bring those committing these crimes to justice and prevent them from further affecting your communities.


On March 13th an abandoned car that had been left in a ditch in Lingfield was discovered. The car had been stolen in the Croydon area and inside were power tools believed to have been stolen together with other items that may have been used to commit criminal offences.


On March 10th at Caterham on The Hill a male driver failed a roadside breath test after being stopped for speeding and was later charged with failing to provide an evidential breath test whilst in custody.


On March 9th in Tatsfield a male failed a roadside breath test after being seen stumbling as he exited a car and will be charged for drink driving.


 If your area is NOT referred to below it is because we have not been informed of the crime or it has not been affected by reported crime in the categories below. Feedback from you will help to achieve the most appropriate circulation of information.




 Burglary including sheds and garages


West Park Road, Newchapel. Between 05.00 and 06.00 March 8th a suspect walked into an open garage leaving footprints in the snow. Some items were found near the footprints but it is not known whether anything was stolen (ref 45230026422).


Vehicle Crime


The Platt, Dormansland – Theft. Between 14.30 and 18.30 March 12th index plates SN13OLP were stolen from a car (ref 45230027953).




Burglary Business and Community


 Kings Cross Lane, South Nutfield. Overnight March 10th to 11th a door of a church was prised open and keys stolen (including a safe key together with a digital camera (ref 45230027615).


 Criminal Damage


Ockleys Mead, Godstone. Overnight March 3rd to 4th the window of a patio door was broken and a small ball bearing found nearby (ref 45230024747).




Burglary including sheds and garages


Brick Kiln Lane, Limpsfield. Overnight March 7th to 8th a small window was smashed to gain access through the front door of a property being renovated. Several tools and a kitchen hot tap were stolen (ref 45230026703).


Stoneleigh Road, Limpsfield Chart. Around 23.10 March 11th two male suspects forced open the back door of a property together with an inner door despite being shouted at by the victim. They entered the house and banged on an upstairs bedroom door where the victim was sheltering before exiting the house and taking a pair of keys that were hanging on a hook (ref 45230027708).


Burglary Business and Community


Chalkpit Lane, Oxted. Between March 5th and 7th the door of one shed on an allotment was levered off and windows smashed on others. A rotivator and small generator were stolen (ref 45230026026).




Mill Lane, Hurst Green. Around 01.30 March 3rd diesel was stolen from a property and attempts made to steal diesel from two diggers (ref 45230024472).


Criminal Damage


Holland Road, Hurst Green. Between 13.00 and 15.00 March 13th a bedroom window was smashed by a missile believed to have been fired from a catapult (ref 45230028367).




Burglary including sheds and garages

Chaldon Common Road, Chaldon. Between 20.50 and 21.10 March 11th the rear patio doors of a house were smashed but entry gained through a kitchen window that was smashed. An untidy search took place but it is not known whether anything was stolen (ref 45230027680).


Manor Avenue, Caterham on The Hill. Between 12.10 and 20.00 March 11th it is believed suspects reached through the dog flap in the rear door of a house and then removed a key in order to let themselves in. An untidy search then took place and jewellery was stolen (ref 45230028019).


Burglary Business and Community


Croydon Road, Caterham. Overnight March 10th to 11th the window of a building on a building site was broken and a blue Festool Sander, a Milwaukee Mixer and a Hoover were stolen (ref 45230028371).


Rockshaw Road, Chaldon. Overnight March 8th to 9th CCTV cameras and recording equipment were stolen from the grounds of a property (ref 45230028373).


Vehicle Crime


Gibson Way, Caterham on The Hill – Theft. Overnight March 4th to 5th rear index plate X10HLE was stolen from a car (ref 45230025211).


Grenadier Place, Caterham on The Hill – Keyless Theft. Around 06.00 March 9th a silver Mercedes GLC250 Estate index LB18WBY was stolen and last recoded on an air tag in the Dagenham area (ref 45230026399).


Livingstone Road, Caterham on The Hill – Theft. Around 00.01 March 12th index plates MJ18VFE were stolen from a van (ref 45230028112).


Godstone Road, Whyteleafe – Theft. Overnight March 12th to 13th index plates RV57UUM were stolen from a car (ref 45230028563).


Hornchurch Hill, Whyteleafe – Criminal Damage, Between 07.15 and 16.00 March 15th the side door of a van was drilled in an attempt to gain access to steal tools (ref 45230029234).





Warlingham Green, Warlingham. Around 12.45 March 2nd   the victim inserted her card and entered her PIN into an ATM. Two men behind her asked if the machine had not given cash as it had happened to them. One male said he had got the phone number for the ‘engineer’ and he was on his way to retrieve the card. He then redialled a number on his phone and spoke to the ’ engineer’, The phone was then passed to the victim who was asked to give her name so the ‘engineer’ could get the card back as well. The two males then disappeared and the Bank subsequently informed the victim that the several thousand pounds had been withdrawn from her bank account (ref 45230024820). A similar incident occurred at an ATM outside a supermarket in Caterham on The Hill on March 6th (ref 45230027596).


Vehicle Crime

 Shelton Avenue, Warlingham – Keyless Theft. Around 04.13 March 3rd a Lexus RXL index XX16DAV was stolen from a driveway. CCTV showed a white male in a beanie hat, grey or light blue hoodie with hood up and dark tracksuit bottoms crouching by the near side front tyre. There was a sound of a clicking noise and the door opens. Keys were kept in a faraday pouch by the front door. The original index plates were LD17BJO and these had been fixed under the personalised plates. The victim’s bank cards also stolen were subsequently used in East London (ref 45230024398).


 Clarks Lane, Tatsfield. Around 13.15 March 2nd CCTV showed a male stole a wallet from a parked truck (45230024439).


Approach Road, Tatsfield – Theft. Around 09.37 March 13th the windows to three parked vans were smashed and tools stolen from them. The suspects were in a light metallic blue Audi A3 (ref 45230028329).


Oakley Road, Warlingham – Theft. Around 12.35 March 9th the victim was approached by a male after he had got out of his car and informed by the suspect that his car was losing oil. The suspect then jumped into the car and drove off along with the dark small hatchback mission vehicle accompanying the suspect. The car stolen was a grey Audi A3 index LV14KFE and the suspect was described as Eastern European, white, late 20’s, dark hair, medium build six foot tall, no clothing details (ref 45230027197).


Limpsfield Road, Warlingham – Theft. Around 10.10 March 13th two male suspects got out of an Audi A3 and, while the victim was absent whilst unloading the van, stole tools and a wallet. The Audi was on cloned index plates GY69RXA (ref 45230028330).


Limpsfield Road, Warlingham – Theft. Around 11.47 March 15th two males in balaclavas wearing baseball caps opened the unlocked door of a van and stole a packet of cigarettes. They were in a grey Audi A3 on cloned index plates HG53UKK which have been seen on the Audi A3 stolen in Oakley Road, Warlingham on March 9th (ref 45230029126).


Northdown Road, Woldingham – Theft. Around 09.55 March 13th tools were stolen from an unlocked van (ref 45230028165).


Southview Road, Woldingham – Theft. Between 09.30 and 10.30 March 13th index plates GY69RXA were stolen from a car (ref 45230028215). On the same day offenders driving an Audi on cloned plates gained access to a vehicle and stole tools (ref 45230028522).


If you have to contact us about a non-urgent matter or to provide information on non-urgent suspicious matters or unusual behaviour you have observed which may be useful intelligence for us at a future date please email Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood Team:  tandridge@surrey.police.uk 
The information you provide will be read and treated in confidence when the staff are next on duty.

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