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Crime in Woking in last 7 days

Dear Residents


This week’s regular crime report from Surrey Police for the Woking area is below.

These reports are sent to Neighbourhood Watch coordinators registered on the local Neighbourhood Alert system with the purpose of making you aware of what is happening in Woking but also are you able to identify any property or any private CCTV which might be able to assist?

This is only a chosen snapshot of what has happened in Woking during this period.


Woking incidents in last period

Can you provide any information relating to the following recent incidents/activities?  Do you have any CCTV locally that might capture anything in connection to these incidents?  Surrey Police can now send links to you to upload CCTV remotely if required.  If so, please report via the Surrey Police web page:

https://www.surrey.police.uk/ro/report/ quoting the appropriate incident number.


During this period the following might be of be interest. Did you see anything suspicious?


Burglary. Cubitt Way, Knaphill. Tuesday 17 January 19:30 —19:40. 45230006441, intruder has broken into property using baseball bat damaging door.


Burglary. Westfield Way, Westfield. Thursday 19 January. 00:20. 45230006680. Shed broken into and bike stolen.


Burglary. Maybury Road, Maybury. Thursday 19 January 08:10 – 15:00. 45230007365

Front door of property forced open, untidy search; items stolen.


Vehicle Crime. Silver Birch Close, Woodham. Tuesday 17 January 14:26. 45230006308. Tools stolen from victim’s van.


Keyless Vehicle Theft. Ashwood Road, Maybury. 18 January 23:00 – 19 January 07:30. 45230006769. Grey Mercedes GLS stolen.


Protecting your home from crime | Crime prevention | Surrey Police


Preventing car and vehicle theft | Crime Prevention | Surrey Police


Included in this week’s report is a link to this week’s Woking Beat Facebook page.

Anyone can view the Beat – you do not need a Facebook page to view.


Woking Beat (Surrey Police) | Facebook


Steve Dew

Police Support Volunteer

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