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Residential Burglary and other Crime Report 20th Jan 2023

Dear Surrey Heath residents.


Please find below details of the currently reported burglaries (or attempted burglaries) to residential properties (including shed break-ins) as well as other crime statistics over the last period (04 - 20 Jan 2022). Summary details of these are provided in the list below.

Please note, where known I have used the approximate actual incident date/times rather than date the incident was reported (as there can be differences).



  • 06 Jan (14:00 - 18:00) Yaverland Drive. When victims returned home they noticed that the rear UPVC door (using some sort of tool) had been damaged and there were muddy footsteps going up the stairs. When they went upstairs, they found that an untidy search had been carried out primarily in one of the bedrooms. They noticed jewellery and cash had been taken as well as an old phone and a small tablet. The spare car keys were left in the property. SOCO noted that cleaning products  had been thrown over the kitchen and the broken door panel to try and make forensic testing difficult. CCTV from neighbouring property spotted 4 males all in dark clothing walk to rear of targeted property and then shows the 4 suspects leave the address with small items in their hands. It appears that they have left through the side gate of the property and they have walked back onto the green. Suspects vehicle appears to be a dark coloured BMW 3-series. Home owners later found items taken from their house (empty jewellery box) disposed of in the bushes on the green.
  • 14 Jan (13:30) - 15 Jan (17:45) The Woodlarks. Point of entrance and exit through the ground floor living room window which leads into the rear garden. The suspect(s) have forced latches on the window, causing damage to the locking system when forcing it open. Muddy footprints on the window sills further identifying this as point of entrance / exit. Suspects carried out a fairly clean search. Suspects appear to have just peered into some rooms, opened a few draws and left everything else. The main point of search was the master bedroom. Here they emptied purses and taken draws out and placed them on the bed. They have also performed a search in the wardrobe area in the bedroom, leaving clothes on the floor and taking a floor safe (which was not secured to the wall or floor). Jewellery, watches and cash taken.


  • 06 Jan (13:00) - 07 Jan (14:00) Westmorland Drive. Rear glass door smashed in to force entry. Extremely messy search, all doors open and loft ladder pulled down. iPads/laptops, 'piggy banks' fully of money and car keys all ignored and left. Thieves only took jewellery and looked in small drawers/cabinets, but left expensive clothing alone.
  • 29 Dec 22 (10:00) – 08 Jan (15:00) Winding Wood Drive. Unknown suspects have gained entry via a patio door, an untidy search has been completed and cleaning products have been used to compromise forensic opportunities. Search focused on the master bedroom. Jewellery and cash were taken.
  • 17 Jan (19:35) Chaucer Grove. Attempted burglary and damage caused to front door. Neighbour’s CCTV saw a silver Mercedes (thought to be a model ML early to mid 2000s) parked outside house on the street. A man has come out of the car with a crow bar and walked towards the direction of the property. Victim was inside the property at the back of the house and heard some noise but thought it was noise from the boiler and did not realise it could of been someone attempting to break in. Car seen on CCTV leaving and driving off towards Park Road.


  • 11 Jan (06:00 - 11:00) Croft Way. Unknown suspect has entered the rear of the property by smashing the window and damaging some of the property inside. It is unknown whether any items have been taken at this time.
  • 17 Jan (19:00) Field Lane. Victim heard smash of glass however believed it to be his wife who had returned home and broken something accidentally. After around 2 minutes victim noticed a light come on in the next bedroom. On the landing victim saw a person he didn’t know and shouted to this person which scared the suspect who then ran downstairs and exited the property. On going downstairs victim noticed rear patio door window smashed in and the key which was in the inside had been unlocked. During police search of the property it was noticed the back gate to the alleyway now open. Gate was not padlocked and only required a sliding latch to open. Nothing is believed to be stolen. Suspect described as male, around 35 years old, 5’4 - 5'7 in height, skinny build, wearing a black balaclava, black jacket, black pants, black hat, black gloves.


  • 14 Jan (12:20) – 17 Jan (15:45) Woodland Glade. Report whereby suspect(s) have stolen parcels from victim’s doorstep on three separate occasions.

    To provide a further idea of the activities of the Surrey Heath Police team, there were 268 new incidents/occurrences being looked into during this period. A summary of these is given below along with some accompanying notes later;


    Absconder/AWOL/Wanted (2), ASB Nuisance (1), Burglary Business & Community (3), Burglary Residential (8), Child Protection Incident (22), Closure Order (1), Concern For Safety (1), Crime Other (12), Crime Public Order (12), Crime Vehicle (15), Criminal Damage (8), Custody Admin (2), Domestic Incident (30), Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme – R2K (1), Drug Seizure (2), Drugs (5), DVPN (1), Family File (2), Fraud Being Investigated (3), Fraud Vulnerable Victim (3), Harassment (7), Hate/Diversity Incident (1), Immigration (1), Lost/Found/Prop/Person (1), Master Occurrence (3), Mental Health (1), Missing Person – High Risk (9), Missing Person - Low Risk (1), Missing Person – Medium Risk (7), Neighbour Dispute (1), NICE Admin Occurrence (1), Non Validated Crime (2), Out of Force Enquiries (1), Pets/Domesticated Animals (4), Premises Search Warrant (1), Prescribed Limit Offence (2), Public Order (1), Road Related Offence (2), Robbery (3), Sexual Offence (4), Stalking (1), Sudden Death Non Suspicious (7), SuS Circs Or Insecure Prem/Veh (1), Suspicious Incident (2), Theft (31), Theft – Of Catalytic Converter (1), Violent Crime Other (9), Violent Crime Public Place (4), Violent Domestic (3), Vulnerable Adult Incident (18), Wildlife (1).



    Burglary Business & Community;   

  • 05 Jan (17:00) - 06 Jan (07:00) London Road. Site container broken into with locks prized open. Site/carpenter/bricklayers power tools taken (tools included power drills and saws, disk cutters, nail guns, hand tools etc.) as well as a carpenter’s locked storage box. 1 drum of cable taken also. Signs indicate access and egress onto the property was through the boundary fence (Bagshot).
  • 14 Jan (16:24) Obelisk Way. Suspects have stolen fragrance items from the store and damaged a locked cabinet to steal some of the products causing criminal damage (Camberley).
  • 17 Jan (10:00) Cedar Lane. Bike shed/ bike storage was broken into. Several bikes were stolen. Bikes taken were a green Norco Fluid mountain bike and a grey Genesis Croix-de-fer gravel bike (Frimley).

    Crime Vehicle;   

  • 06 Jan (05:30) Deepdene Lane. A male broke into Kia Sportage. Suspect was in the car for around 15mins and tried to play with the fuse box and also took some small amount of money.  Suspect described as white IC1 male (teen/young) 5 ft 6-7, slim build, tracksuit with hoody up, trainers (Deepcut).
  • 5 Jan (23:00) - 6 Jan (06:00) Brunswick Road. Theft of bank cards and cash from vehicle (Deepcut).
  • 06 Jan (04:30) Deepcut Bridge Road. Car door handles have been tried    (Deepcut).
  • 08 Jan (19:00 - 19:20) Upper Park Road. Suspect has caused criminal damage by damaging a windscreen wiper (Camberley).
  • 10 Jan (17:00) – 11 Jan (10:00) London Road (premier Inn) Theft from motor vehicle (Bagshot).
  • 11 Jan (23:00 - 23:20) Bridge Road. Theft of 09-plate Ford Transit, keys not taken, from a yard. CCTV showed 2 suspects were waiting outside a bolted gate. Using some sort of tool suspect cut the lock gaining entry to the yard. One suspect reversed their own van to the front entrance of the gate and other suspect has then without using keys managed to gain entry to the stolen van and managed to start it before driving off with it. The stolen van had a tracker but it was disabled (thought by the thieves). Unfortunately CCTV did not capture a clear facial image of the suspects or the index number of the van they were using (Camberley).
  • 12 Jan (17:00) – 13 Jan (08:26) London Road (Premier Inn). Break in to a Transit van left in car park. Nothing taken as van was empty. Thieves have gained entry via punching a hole in the side door, causing damage (Bagshot).
  • 12 Jan (20:30 - 20:40) Faulkner Place. Forced entry into victim’s company work van parked on public road. inft was made aware by neighbour that van alarm was going off at around 20:30 in the evening. It stopped shortly after so neighbour assumed owner had turned it off. Victim went out to van and found that the van was broken into and items stolen. A hole was drilled into the back panel of the van and then the side panels jemmied open. Thieves have stolen numerous tools including 3 Dewalt tool boxes including an impact drill, Bosch multi tool and battery chargers. They also stole hand tools and a laser level (Bagshot).
  • 13 Jan (22:30) - 14 Jan (14:00) Broadley Green. Wipers torn off of vehicle  (Windlesham).
  • 16 Jan (05:50) Guildford Road. Theft from motor vehicle (Lightwater).
  • 16 Jan (10:20 - 10:25) Old Bisley Road (Pine Ridge Gold Club). Front number plate has been removed from vehicle (Frimley).
  • 16 Jan (17:00) - 17 Jan (07:20) Portsmouth Road. Attempted break in to van while parked at Travelodge car park (Camberley).
  • 16 Jan (12:00) – 18 Jan (08:15) Mount Pleasant Close. Attempted theft from motor vehicle (Lightwater).
  • 19 Jan (05:30 - 08:00) The Maultway. Theft of 10-plate black 3-door Fiat Punto Evo Active from car park whilst victim took his dog for a walk. Victim states that the petrol light was on. Victim has had a look around the area with a friend but has not found the vehicle (Camberley).
  • 14 Jan (04:54) Alphington Avenue. Male seen on Ring door camera trying the door of a vehicle (Frimley).

    Drug Seizure;

  • 06 Jan (21:30) Middleton Road. Drugs seized from abandoned and insecure vehicle (Camberley).
  • 13 Jan (21:52). 4 males found in parked car issued with CR for possession of cannabis (Deepcut).

    Drugs (inc);

  • 10 Jan. Suspected Class-A drugs seized from user (Bagshot).
  • 11 Jan. Police handed grinder with traces of cannabis for destruction (Knaphill).
  • 17 Jan. During execution of a warrant items suspected to be Class-A and B drugs and paraphernalia were found (Camberley).

    Theft (inc);

  • 11 Jan. Theft of purse when victim in charity shop (Camberley).
  • 13 Jan. Theft of number plates (Camberley).
  • 14 Jan. Theft of cycle (Camberley).
  • 14 Jan – 15 Jan Faulkner Place. Theft from motor vehicle (Bagshot).
  • 16 Jan – Wallet stolen from shopping bag of elderly female when in Waitrose (Bagshot).

    Theft – Of Catalytic Converter;

  • 14 Jan (01:00) - 17 Jan (09:00) Mount Pleasant Close. Cat-con taken from 12-plate Toyota Prius whilst parked on pavement at address (Lightwater).


    As always, the local Neighbourhood Team are keen to receive information on all crime spotted or believed to have occurred as this can assist with ongoing enquiries, as well as helping to build up their wider intelligence picture.


    If you believe you have any information relating to any of these or any other events then please call 101 or alternatively, you can use social media messaging or the online reporting system



    If you do spot suspicious behaviour we urge people to call this in to the police immediately yourself, and of course if you believe there is a crime in progress do call 999.


    You can also give information, 100% anonymously, to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111; or through their anonymous online form: https://crimestoppers-uk.org/


    And to assist in helping you protect your residential property and its contents please see the crime prevention advice here:    https://www.surrey.police.uk/burglary


    For information and advice regards Cybercrime and Fraud please visit cyberaware.gov.uk  and   www.actionfraud.police.uk



    Kind regards and please stay safe and well.


    Rob Freeman

    Community Engagement Volunteer (Surrey Heath Police)


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