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Bulletin 24   November 10th – November 23rd 2022

 Dear Residents

In response to a request from some of our readers we will be including in each bulletin information on the number of arrests in Tandridge over the last two weeks. However the first report will cover the period November 1st to midnight November 22nd. We will also identify the classification of the crime.

 Arrests are just one element of our activity. Some people are interviewed via voluntary attendance and these will not be captured within these figures.

As you can see we deal with a huge variety of incidents and some of these are more protracted in terms of officers’ time than others. 

 Inspector Lyndsey Whatley

Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood Inspector



Our Neighbourhood Patrol Team and Safer Neighbourhood Team deal with a variety of incidents. Here are a few they dealt with since the last Bulletin and a Court result.

On November 17th at Guildford Crown Court Callum Hone (24) of Manor Way, Woodmansterne was sentenced to 2 years 8 months imprisonment and disqualified from driving for 5 years after he had pleaded guilty to death by dangerous driving on October 10th at the first day of his trial at Guildford. As a result of his reckless driving to show off his car in front of his friends by driving at excess speed a back seat passenger Leanne Taylor was sadly killed in the accident that took place in Tupwood Scrubs Lane, Caterham on Saturday February 1st 2020.


On November 13th in Caterham after a single vehicle road traffic collision the male driver was arrested after failing a breath test.


There were 21 Arrests excluding Voluntary Attendance Interviews in the period November 1st to November 22nd: Domestic Abuse 7, Violent Domestic Abuse 1,Violent Crime Public Space 2, Violent Crime other 1, Sexual offence 1, Immigration 2, Domestic Incident 1,Drunk/Drug charge 1, Prescribed Limit Offence 1, Public Order/Protests 4.


 If your area is NOT referred to below it is because we have not been informed of the crime or it has not been affected by reported crime in the categories below. Feedback from you will help to achieve the most appropriate circulation of information.



Burglary including sheds and garages

Mutton Hill, Dormansland. Overnight November 11th to 12th a garage door was forced open and an electric push bike with charger and helmet was stolen (ref 45220122600).


Newchapel Road, Lingfield. Overnight November 10th to 11th the gates of a yard were damaged and a Manitou Telescopic Handler was stolen (ref 45220122085).

Godstone Road, Lingfield. Between November 10th and 12th changing rooms were broken into and heavy duty covers to cricket pitches were stolen (ref 45220122655).

Tandridge Lane, Lingfield. Around 04.05 November 21st cooking oil was stolen from the rear yard of a public house (ref 45220126032).

Criminal Damage

Crowhurst Road, Lingfield. Overnight November 10th to 11th the outside pane of a first floor bedroom window was smashed by a sling shot (ref 45220122254).

Vehicle Crime

Bakers Lane, Lingfield – Criminal Damage. Overnight November 9th to 10th the rear offside window of a car was smashed (ref 4522012167).

Station Road, Lingfield – Criminal Damage. Overnight November 9th to 10th the rear window of a car was smashed (ref 45220121686).

Vicarage Road, Lingfield – Criminal Damage. Around 20.00. November 11th the window of a car was smashed by a pellet (ref 45220122388) and another one also damaged (ref 45220122643).

Saxbys Lane, Lingfield – Criminal Damage. Overnight November 11th to 12th a car window was smashed (ref 45220122564). Overnight November 12th to 13th index plates GU12OBP were stolen from a car (ref 45220122934).



Vehicle Crime

Sandy Lane, South Nutfield – Theft. Overnight November 10th to11th four vans were broken into and backpacks, blowers, strimmers and hand tools stolen (ref 452201222068).

Godstone Hill, Godstone – Theft. Overnight November 11th to 12th a quantity of diesel was stolen from a parked lorry (ref 452120122543).

Ockleys Mead, Godstone – Criminal Damage. Around 02.15 November 22nd the rear window of a car was smashed (ref 45220



Criminal Damage

Pollards Oak Road, Hurst Green. Around 20.15 November 11th a ball bearing was fired through the window of a shop. The suspects were driving a black BMW index unknown (ref 45220122376).

Chichele Road, Oxted. Overnight November 11th to 12th eggs were thrown at the front of a property (ref 45220122545).

Vehicle Crime

The Greenway, Oxted – Theft. Overnight November 9th to 10th a blue Ford Fiesta index Y222FST was stolen (ref 45220121583).

Gibbs Brook Lane, Oxted- Criminal Damage. Around 21.00 November 11th the driver’s side window of a car was smashed 9ref 45220122531).

Station Road West, Oxted – Keyless Theft, Around 08.00 November 15th a Land Rover Discovery was stolen but found by the Met police in Selsdon (ref 45220124049).

Station Road, Oxted – Keyless Theft. Around 20.01 November 22nd a blue Land Rover index H14DEL was stolen (ref 45220126821).

Hurst Green Road, Hurst Green – Criminal Damage. Overnight November 9th to 10th the driver’s side window of a car was smashed (ref 45220121721).

Pollards Oak Road, Hurst Green – Criminal Damage. Between 19.00 and 22.30 November 10th the rear window of a vehicle was smashed by a BB pellet (ref 45220122022). The driver’s side window of a car was smashed by a projectile between 15.00 and 20.40 November 13th (ref 45220123086).



Burglary Business and Community

Church Walk, Caterham. Around 02.01 November 15th a crowbar was used to force open the rear door of a shop and safe containing cash was stolen (ref 4520123675).


Chaldon Road, Caterham on The Hill. Around 13.00 whilst the victim was in a café she was approached by a male and shown a leaflet. After the male walked away she noticed that her phone and bank cards had been stolen. CCTV footage indicated that one male was white, purple baseball hat with a yellow peak and writing on it in white, white T shirt, dark hoody, dark bottoms and looked to have facial hair. He was accompanied by a  second male ethnicity black, light grey joggers with a black rectangular patch over side knee area on left leg and lower part of rectangle a white label, beige puffer coat, green baseball hat (ref 45220124362).

Vehicle Crime

Hornchurch Hill, Whyteleafe – Theft. Between 06.20 and 19.00 November 11th index plates LN12FAO were stolen from a car (ref 45220122340).

Edgeworth Close, Whyteleafe – Criminal Damage. Between 12.00 and 20.00 November 12th the two passenger side tyres of a car were slashed and the car keyed along the passenger side (ref 45220123080).

Spencer Road, Caterham on The Hill – Attempted Keyless Theft. Around 02.15 November 14th two males were recorded on CCTV as attempting to steal a car from the driveway (ref 45220123176).

Drake Avenue, Caterham on The Hill – Theft. Overnight November 13th to 14th a grey light 4x4 Ford Ranger index GY72NYU was stolen (ref 45220123180).

Court Road, Caterham on the Hill – Theft. Overnight November 12th to 13th a light cluster and rear mud flaps were stolen from a car (ref 45220123563).

Milton Road, Caterham on The Hill – Theft. Overnight November 19th to 20th a ladder and its clamps were stolen from a van (ref 45220125705).

Weald Way, Caterham – Keyless Theft. Around 05.00 November 15th a white Rolls Royce index G20BLC was stolen (ref 45220123897).

Stafford Road, Caterham – Keyless Theft. Around 16.00 November 22nd a grey Land Rover Discovery index LV18XOC was stolen (ref 45220126778).

Mount Avenue, Chaldon Overnight November 19th to 20th a van was searched but the suspects were unable to get into the back of the van. Nothing was stolen (ref 452120125752). Four further incidents were reported one in Mount Avenue and three in Sunny Rise (ref 45220125782/25884/25954/25969).




Limpsfield Road, Warlingham. Around 19.50 November 11th a group of 5/6 young males assaulted a young male and removed the air pods from his ears. Police later recovered them from a property nearby and further enquiries are continuing with a number of those involved being investigated (ref 45220122389).

Burglary Business and Community

Hallilloo Valley Road, Woldingham. Between November 1st and 11th tools have been stolen on at least two occasions from a golf club. On November 9th the offenders were driving a black Ford Fiesta ST (ref 45220122041).


Vehicle Crime

Alexandra Road, Warlingham – Theft. Overnight November 13th to 14th a white Citroen Dispatch van index YN66PNV containing tools was stolen (ref 45220123153).

Westview Road, Warlingham – Attempted Theft. Around 02.55 November 14th the occupant of a house reported that a male was trying the door handles of his car. He left in an Alpha Julia or Romeo which may be linked to a similar vehicle pursued earlier by Met police following theft of a car in Coulsdon (ref 454220123140).

Tydcombe Road, Warlingham – Theft, Around 03.05 November 14th four masked men drove up to and entered a property. They made an attempt to steal a Range Rover Sport, looked through the car and damaged the gate control box of electric gates (ref 45220123172).

Limpsfield Road, Warlingham – Keyless Theft. Between 13.25 and 17.00 November 19th a Land Rover was stolen from a wedding venue but later recovered in Chelsham (ref 45220125539).



If you have to contact us about a non-urgent matter or to provide information on non-urgent suspicious matters or unusual behaviour you have observed which may be useful intelligence for us at a future date please email Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood Team:  tandridge@surrey.police.uk 
The information you provide will be read and treated in confidence when the staff are next on duty.

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