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Updates in relation to the disruption on the M25 after activists climbed on the gantries last week: 15 activists were charged with intentionally/recklessly causing public nuisance; eight have been remanded in custody; and seven have been released on bail. Two activists have been charged with intentionally and recklessly causing public nuisance and have been remanded pending a court hearing and one activist was charged with conspiracy to intentionally/recklessly cause a public nuisance and going equipped to cause criminal damage and has been released on bail. 



We have been made aware of reports in the Hanworth Road, Chertsey area of young persons involved in the killing of birds. We have been pointed towards several social profiles where images of the behaviour have been captured and shared. The Youth Engagement Officer, PC Holly Morrison, is working with local schools to identify the individuals concerned. Where participants may be under the age of criminal responsibility, Childrens Services will be notified. The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 protects wild animals, plants and habitats. Under section 1(1) (a) WCA 1981 it is an offence to intentionally kill, injure or take any wild bird, subject to some very specific exceptions which tend not to concern people of middle school age. To that end we are urging parents, guardians and teachers to look and listen out for behaviour like this in social media. It might also be worth checking bags and bedrooms again for paraphernalia. Sickening images of wild birds enduring agonising deaths are being actively shared on social media by young persons and adults alike. If you witness anyone using catapults please contact 999 immediately so that we can attend and deal with any offences on site. These incidents often come with associated reports of reckless criminal damage consistent with catapult use. There are few legitimate uses for carrying one. 


PC Vasilova and response officer PC Goss, attended Penton Marina to meet local residents and discuss issues in the community.  They also attended Thorpe Park for the Junior Citizen event currently taking place. Junior citizen allows police to provide opportunity for discussion with local school students about the dangers of roads, teaching road safety along with safety tips when they are out and about in the local area.



Dozens of kind helpers from partners including Surrey Fire & Rescue, Runnymede Borough Council Community Safety, RNLI, Brooklands College and the Runnymede Safer Neighbourhood Team plus 950 school pupils all attended the Junior Citizen event over the last two weeks.



The driver of a waste carrier ran off when approached. The vehicle was recovered and enquiries ongoing as he left his phone behind.



The driver of a vehicle was stopped for having an insecure load. The driver then failed a roadside drugs test and was arrested. 



Officers have this morning (18 November) executed two Misuse of Drugs Act warrants in Addlestone and New Haw resulting in arrest. How can you help to shut down county lines? The information you provide by reporting to police or anonymously through Crimestoppers help police teams to map out what is happening in areas across Runnymede. We have PCSOs going door to door this morning talking to residents and linking in with the council and relevant housing associations.


A man has been charged with conspiring to steal motor vehicles. Stanley Mosley, 25, of no fixed address, was charged with conspiring to steal motor vehicles, aggravated vehicle taking and dangerous driving, disqualified driving, driving whilst uninsured, going equipped for theft, and possession of cannabis on the 17th November. He will be appearing at Guildford Magistrates Court today (18 November). He is currently remanded in custody. Our enquiries remain ongoing. 



We will be working hard to reduce the number of burglaries across Runnymede which are set to increase at this time of year. We can expect to see high value Asian Gold jewellery and watches as a target. You can help to deter a burglar from entering your home and stealing your valuable heir looms by following these simple crime prevention measures:

 - Keep all jewellery and other valuables in a bank safety deposit box.

 - If you have to keep your jewellery at home, invest in a home safe. Your insurance company will provide advice as to the best safe to suit your needs.

 - Keep an inventory of your jewellery, either on paper or via a company such as www.immobilise.com; include identifying marks and the value.

 - In addition, photograph your jewellery against a plain background using a ruler to give an idea of size.

 - Check your home insurance policy schedule and make sure you have the appropriate cover for high value jewellery.

 - Install a house alarm and security lighting. Always make sure doors and windows are locked and secured when you go out.

 - Make sure your home looks occupied when you are out or away. Use an automatic timer, invest in app enabled bulbs and switches.

 - Use forensic marking to uniquely mark your jewellery. Visit www.selectadna.co.uk

 - Avoid presenting images of your possessions in photographs on social media and keep your daily routine and movements private.

For more advice on how to keep your home and jewellery safe, contact your local Designing Out Crime Officer by calling 101 to arrange a discrete appointment.


Yesterday,15 November, our Police and Crime Commissioner Lisa Townsend announced funding of £105,000 for the Safe Drive Stay Alive campaign in Surrey. After two years off due to coronavirus, the campaign started again in October and welcomed 16-18 year olds from all over the county to Dorking Halls to watch the shows. 
This funding will help continue the education for future young drivers.

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