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Residential Burglary and other Crime Report 14 November 2022

Dear Surrey Heath members.


Please find below details of the currently reported burglaries (or attempted burglaries) to residential properties (including shed break-ins) as well as other crime statistics over the last period (02 – 14 Nov 2022). Summary details of these are provided in the list below.


Please note, where known I have used the approximate actual incident date/times rather than date the incident was reported (as there can be differences).



  • 05 Nov - 12 Nov (23:59) Ashwell Avenue. Residents came home from holiday to discover an untidy search of their house with clothing on floor, drawers tipped out and cupboard doors ripped off. Jewellery and watches had been taken. Entry to the property was through smashed patio doors, with the side gate lock also found to be broken. Car keys or vehicles not taken.


  • 10 Nov (11:55 - 12:10) Stonehouse Rise. Whilst informant was at home talking to someone on the phone, an unknown suspect has rung the door bell, then knocked on the door and then started using a credit card type object to try and gain entry. However no entry was gained and suspect left the location. Suspect described as male ic1 / dark hair / 35-40 / "dad body” /wearing black jumper without a hood.


  • 05 Nov (19:46) Westwood Road. Dwelling burglary of property where entry appeared to be through a forced ground floor rear window. Intruder alarm was ripped from the wall and left in situ. There were keys put in the front door, likely done by the suspects as this would mean the house could not be opened from the outside. Upstairs bedrooms targeted with all rooms searched where wardrobes and cupboards have been turned over with items thrown to the floor, likely due to search for high value jewellery. Some rooms within the property had locked internal doors and these were targeted with one door forced, room entered and searched.

    To provide a further idea of the activities of the Surrey Heath Police team, there were 235 new incidents/occurrences being looked into during this period. A summary of these is given below along with some accompanying notes later;


    Abandoned Call (1), ASB Nuisance (1), Assault On Police (1), Burglary Business & Community (1), Burglary Residential (3), Child Protection Incident (11), Concern For Safety (2), Crime Other (17), Crime Public Order (2), Crime Vehicle (5), Criminal Damage (9), Custody Admin (1), Dispersals (2), Domestic Incident (17), Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme – R2K (2), Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme – R2A (3), Drug Seizure (1), Drugs (4), Drunk/Drug In Charge (1), Firearm/Ballistic – Voluntarily Surrendered (1), Fraud Being Investigated (2), Fraud Referred To Action Fraud (1), Fraud Vulnerable Victim (2), Going Equipped (1), Harassment (6), Hate/Diversity Incident (4), Intelligence (1), Keyless Car Theft (2), Master Occurrence (5), Missing Person – High Risk (1), Missing Person – Medium Risk (3), Neighbour Dispute (3), Non Validated Crime (1), Not A Crime (1), Offensive Weapon (1), Out of Force Enquiries (1), Premises Search Warrant (2), Prescribed Limit Offence (2), Public Order (8), Rape/Serious Sexual offence (1), Road Related Offence (3), Robbery (1), Section 35 Dispersal (3), Sexual Offence (2), Sudden Death Non Suspicious (2), Suspicious Incident (4), Theft (37), Traffic/Parking (1), Violent Crime Other (13), Violent Crime Public Place (10), Violent Domestic (4), Vulnerable Adult Incident (18).




    Burglary Business & Community;   

  • 08 Nov (16:00) – 12 Nov (09:00). Community Recycling Centre. Unknown suspects have caused damage to fencing when trying to gain entry to the location (Bagshot).

    Crime Vehicle;   

  • 01 Nov (19:00) - 02 Nov (12:35) Heathpark Drive. Front and rear number plates taken from blue Maserati whilst parked on driveway (Windlesham).
  • 05 Nov (23:30) - 06 Nov (12:00) South Road. Theft of 15-plate Honda CVF 125 motorbike overnight but informant found the bike on the common in the morning, however the number plates of the bike have been taken (Bisley).
  • 10 Nov (04:00 - 04:15) Waverley Drive. Report of vehicle interference with 10-plate Landrover Freelander parked unlocked on driveway. Owner found the passenger door was open in the morning, glovebox open and contents strewn over front seat and floor. Nothing of value in the car so nothing stolen (Camberley).
  • 12 Nov (20:35) Hammond Way. Three suspects with crow bars and balaclavas have forced entry into Ford Transit stealing work tools. After removing the tools they have left in black VW Golf GTi  and sped off towards the motorway (Lightwater).
  • 14 Nov (00:36) Albany Park. 07-plate red drop-sided Ford Transit 115 has been stolen from business address - keys not taken (Camberley).


  • 03 Nov. Large block of white substance and other packages of white powder, believed to be Class A, seized during execution of warrant (Camberley).
  • 07 Nov (13:00) After arrest a quantity of Class A drugs have been located in vehicle suspect is believed to have been in (Frimley Green).
  • 12 Nov. Shop staff have handed in black bag containing small amount of cannabis and a vape found in shop (Camberley).
  • 13 Nov. Male has been arrested for a different matter and during the subsequent search multiple different types of controlled substances have been found and seized (Camberley).

    Drunk/Drug In Charge;

  • 12 Nov (01:00 - 01:15) London Road. Police stopped a vehicle after reports it had activated local ANPR cameras showing no insurance. As driver was being processed for no insurance, police noticed driver smelt of cannabis so was drug wiped which came back with a positive indication for cannabis. Driver arrested and taken to custody for blood test (Camberley).

    Fraud Being Investigated;

  • 09 Nov (20:47) Pennyhill Park Hotel. Suspect has stayed at hotel and has used someone else’s card which was confirmed by victim/card owner (Bagshot).
  • 12 Nov. Report that local shop has been overcharging vulnerable adults for some time (Camberley).

    Fraud Referred To Action Fraud;

  • 08 Nov - 10 Nov Church Hill. Male has tried to charge a large amount for cleaning roof and gutters of elderly female. Victim found company via CheckaTrade however it transpired owner of company had offered the job to someone at the pub. Family members made sure monies were not paid and company owner agreed to waive any charge (Camberley).

    Fraud Vulnerable Victim;

  • 10 Nov. Third party report of male being financially abused by a friend (Lightwater).
  • 12 Nov. Informant has given her bank details to persons claiming to be from Microsoft and were trying to fix an issue with her computer and monies have been removed from her account (Frimley).

    Keyless Car Theft;

  • 02 Nov (10:30 - 16:05) Heathpark Drive. Theft of 66-plate black E-class Mercedes 220 from driveway. Vehicle contained some masonary items, a blue Berghaus jacket and Waitrose shopping bags. Keys were still in the house (Windlesham).
  • 05 Nov (07:50 - 16:30). Frimley Park Hospital. 70-plate silver/grey Yamaha MT motorbike stolen by unknown means from hospital car park (Frimley).

    Prescribed Limit Offence;

  • 05 Nov (03:00) A331 Frimley. Police had cause to stop a car after it was observed driving in excess of the speed limit on the A331. The driver smelt of intoxicating liquor and provided a positive sample of breath indicating 58ug/ml. Driver arrested and taken to custody where she provided two evidential breath samples of 54 and 60ug/ml. Suspect charged and awaits court.
  • 09 Nov (00:15). Vehicle stopped by police after seeing the car driving on A331 and check on the vehicle showed no insurance was held on the vehicle. Driver admitted to drinking a couple of beers earlier in the evening whilst at work so was required to provide a specimen of breath reading of 58ug/ml. Driver arrested, taken to custody and gave two intoximeter samples of 54 and 52.

    Road related Offence (inc);

  • 05 Nov (17:30). Suspect was driving an Audi Q7 whilst disqualified. Failed to stop for police when required and made off. Suspect found when he was bought back to his home address shortly after in another vehicle (Chobham).

    Theft  (inc);

  • 02 Nov (10:00 - 14:00) Albany Park. Theft of scrap metal by three people in van (gardening company logo) after being told they could not have the material. Suspects described as medium height / white / English or maybe Irish / around 30 - 40 (Camberley).
  • 03 Nov (16:05) The Square shopping centre. 5 males have approached Sky stand and shaken it until 2 mobile phones have released which they have stolen and made off with (Camberley).
  • 04 Nov (12:11) Kings International school. Bike has been stolen from school while owner was in class. Black specialized mens bike, blue spokes (Camberley).
  • 03 Nov (19:00) - 04 Nov (06:45) Malthouse Lane. Inft reporting theft of front and rear number plates from 22-plate grey Mercedes CLA parked on driveway overnight (West End).
  • 06 Nov (11:30) Guildford Road. Suspected theft of dog. Dog escaped from garden and someone driving past the end of the road saw a male in a small white ‘sporty’ car parked in the bus stop approaching the dog. Dog is a miniature black and tan short haired Dachshund called Coco (Bagshot).
  • 07 Nov.  After arrest items located in vehicle linked to suspect which are believed to be stolen from other vehicles (Frimley Green).
  • 08 Nov (17:00) Places Leisure Centre. Victim has had bike stolen from outside leisure centre. Suspect cut stretch chain locks on wheel and on frame. Bike taken is a Rockhopper bike / 29 inch wheels / black with white logo / serial number WSBC114971215.  Suspect described as male / maybe white / beard / short / pale hoodie with black sleeves and white stripes on sleeves,  black breast pocket / hood up / plain black gloves / black and white shoes / dark blue trackies (Camberley).
  • 09 Nov (20:00) - 10 Nov (08:00) Red Lion Road. Inft reporting theft of front and rear number plates from black 18-plate Mazda CX-5 (Chobham).
  • 13 Nov (14:00 - 14:30) Victim was shopping in Waitrose and had her bank card and store card in her shopping bag. When she went to pay for her shopping she realised her cards were missing.  Victim has a vague recollection of somebody standing close to her but unsure if that is when it happened.  Victim froze the debit card with her bank (Bagshot).

    As always, the local Neighbourhood Team are keen to receive information on all crime spotted or believed to have occurred as this can assist with ongoing enquiries, as well as helping to build up their wider intelligence picture.

    If you believe you have any information relating to any of these or any other events then please call 101 or alternatively, you can use social media messaging or the online reporting system



    If you do spot suspicious behaviour we urge people to call this in to the police immediately yourself, and of course if you believe there is a crime in progress do call 999.


    You can also give information, 100% anonymously, to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111; or through their anonymous online form: https://crimestoppers-uk.org/


    And to assist in helping you protect your residential property and its contents please see the crime prevention advice here:    https://www.surrey.police.uk/burglary


    For information and advice regards Cybercrime and Fraud please visit cyberaware.gov.uk and   www.actionfraud.police.uk



    Kind regards and please stay safe and well.


    Rob Freeman

    Community Engagement Volunteer (Surrey Heath Police)


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