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Residential Burglary and other Crime Report 21 Sept 2022

Dear Surrey Heath residents.


Please find below details of the currently reported burglaries (or attempted burglaries) to residential properties (including shed break-ins) as well as other crime statistics over the last period (12 – 21 Sept 2022). Summary details of these are provided in the list below.


Please note, where known I have used the approximate actual incident date/times rather than date the incident was reported (as there can be differences).


  • 12 Sept (20:30) Waverley Drive. Neighbours were alerted to house alarm going off. Three residents have come out from different houses and have seen four males dressed in black with balaclavas running out from the address. These males have shouted threats of violence towards the neighbours and between them were carrying a knife, metal baseball bat and a tool of some description, possibly a wrench or crowbar. They were seen to leave in a silver Mercedes 4x4, the driver of which was not wearing a face covering (described as being in his early fifties, "normal looking, clean and tidy", with a short grey beard and short grey hair). Untidy search was found to have been carried out upstairs. Entry to the property appeared to be through the rear via side gate. Suspects had attempted entry via ground floor window (tool marks and cracked glass) however entry was finally gained via rear patio doors (glass pane smashed).
  • 12 Sept (23:05) Esher Road. White VW Golf  failed to stop for police and driver decamped into woods. Vehicle was then reported stolen by owner with keys also taken from property.
  • 19 Sept (17:00) Badgers Copse. Entrance gained via defeating lock on rear conservatory door. Untidy search conducted of various upstairs rooms. No missing items noted initially or internal damage.


  • 12 Sept (22:00) - 13 Sept (10:30) Cranmore Road. On the morning informant states that he has opened the front door and noticed tool marks on door, suspected to be from a screwdriver. Suspected that persons unknown have tried to gain access for the purposes of burglary.

    To provide a further idea of the activities of the Surrey Heath Police team, there were 170 new incidents/occurrences being looked into during this period. A summary of these is given below along with some accompanying notes later;


    ASB Nuisance (1), Assault On Police (1), Burglary Business & Community (1), Burglary Residential (4), Child Protection Incident (8), Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme (1), Concern For Safety (1), Crime Other (8), Crime Public Order (6), Crime Vehicle (8), Criminal Damage (10), Custody Admin (1), Domestic Incident (14), Drugs (3), Drunk/Drug In Charge (2), DVPN (1), Family File (2), Financial Investigation (1), Firearm/Ballistic – Seized (1), Fraud Vulnerable Victim (2), Harassment (4), Hate/Diversity Incident (1), Master Occurrence (2), Missing Person – High Risk (1), Missing Person – Medium Risk (3), NICE Admin Occurrence (2), Not A Crime (2), Out of Force Enquiries (1), Pets/Domesticated Animals (1), Prescribed Limit Offence (1), Public Order (2), Road Related Offence (1), RTC Damage Only (1), RTC Slight Injury (1), School Incident (1), Sudden Death Non Suspicious (2), Suspicious Incident (4), Suspicious Package/Object (1), Theft (19), Violent Crime Other (14), Violent Crime Public Place (3), Violent Domestic (4), Vulnerable Adult Incident (16).




    Burglary Business & Community;   

  • 15 Sept (20:15 - 23:17) Chobham Business Centre. Inft attended workplace to go to his storage container when he has disturbed burglars at the location. The inft has driven the perimeter of the location and spotted a white Transit van parked up down a lane to the side of the site. Inft has noticed that several secure containers on the site have had the padlocks broken. By chance police dog unit was close to location and approached by the inft. Officer used their vehicle to block the road preventing the Transit from leaving and called for additional units. Officer begun a search with the dog which picked up a track from the point of entry. A male has been located and detained in woodland to the rear of the site. On checking, suspects had cut through a fence to gain access to the site, used unknown tools to break padlocks to the containers and have taken a number of items from within and then stacked the items in the woodland (Chobham).

    Crime Vehicle (inc);   

  • 13 sept (22:30) - 14 Sept (07:00) Alison Drive. Theft of grey BMW M6 vehicle from driveway with keys not taken. Owner stated that keys kept within Faraday pouches kept away from walls/windows as he was aware of keyless car thefts in the area. Police believe vehicle may have been taken around 04:45 (Camberley).
  • 13 Sept (00:00) Grange Road. Victim’s 2014 Mercedes CLS vehicle was parked on the driveway. The floor of the vehicle has been ripped up and damaged. Victim stated that there was no damage caused to any other part of the vehicle other than the floor of the driver’s side had been pulled up- all wires and ignition remained intact (Camberley).
  • 14 Sept (05:00 - 09:39) Ferniehurst. Grey 69-plate Ford Mustang stolen from driveway. Victim still has both keys/remotes for the car.  Victim believes that the thieves may have somehow jammed the doorbell camera as the vehicle was shown as being on the drive, then not (Camberley).
  • 18 Sept (01:00) Guildford Road. Items stolen from back of van - pair of tripod steps, a fuel can and 2 rakes. Informant’s partner was woken by their dog at 01:00 and she heard what she thought was the sound of ladders, looked outside but didn’t see anything (West End).
  • 21 Sept (00:00 - 05:00) Ford Road. Car parked outside house had it’s back left window smashed. A set of golf clubs and an electric golf trolley as well as a child's electric hover board were stolen (Bisley).

    Drugs (inc);

  • Small bag of green herbal substance believed to be cannabis found in female’s property in custody (Frimley Green).
  • During search of an address, packet containing white powder has been located and suspect was arrested on suspicion of possession of class A drugs (Bagshot).

    Drunk/Drug In Charge;

  • 12 Sept (13:20). Police were on patrol in Bagshot when vehicle was seen to drive off onto the A322 towards Lightwater and West End where it reached speeds in excess of 90mph. The vehicle was eventually stopped in Chobham. Due to his manner of driving, driver was required to provide a drugs wipe which came back with a positive reading for cocaine and so driver was arrested (Bagshot).
  • 14 Sept (23:03) Officers on patrol in Mytchett have noticed that there was a vehicle emerging from the car park of a pub. Officers have followed the car on Mytchett Road where it has accelerated to speeds in excess of 40 mph in a 30 mph zone. Due to the fact that the vehicle had been seen to leave a public house and the manner of driving it was stopped. Officer could smell alcohol on driver’s breath, see his bloodshot eyes and when challenged driver admitted that he had come from the pub and that he had had “a few pints.” Driver was requested to provide a specimen of breath for analysis but failed to give satisfactory specimen after several attempts and was therefore arrested and conveyed to custody where he provided 2 specimens blowing 83 & 86 (Mytchett).

    Fraud Vulnerable Victim;

  • Person contacted female via Facebook (impersonating a person known to her). Person asked for £400 to help her obtain a National Lottery community fund. Victim initially tried to pay but bank told her it was a fraud. Person contacting victim told her it was OK as it was legitimate and as she was unable to pay the £400 they asked her to then pay £100 on to an Apple card. It seems the messages came from a friend's Facebook account which is believed to have been hacked (Camberley).
  • Report that a male has approached the property of elderly couple both in their 90's and both with dementia. Male insisted that a lot of urgent building work needs doing. The male has asked for "a lot of money" (described as “thousands" by the victim’s relative). Male left no business card and had told them he would come back the next week (Chobham).

    Prescribed Limit Offence;

  • 20 Sept (23:00) London Road. Police conducted a vehicle check which came back as having no insurance and vehicle was caused to stop on A30. A strong smell of cannabis came from the car as well as driver admitting to having used cannabis recently. A small amount of cannabis was located in centre console. Driver was therefore was detained and requested to provide a specimen of saliva for analysis which indicated as positive for cannabis. Driver arrested for all 3 offences and was conveyed to custody (Camberley).

    RTC Damage Only;

  • 18 Sept (07:20) Hillsborough Park. Black Ford Fiesta had collided into brick wall and driver had decamped. Driver later contacted police (Camberley).
  • 15 Sept (15:35) Police received a call from a resident in Devonshire Ave to report that a vehicle had crashed in the street and that it was their belief that the driver was potentially a drink driver and was trying to make off from the scene in the vehicle. Report noted residents were attempting to prevent the driver leaving by standing in front of the vehicle and that this vehicle had caused damage to a stationary vehicle as well. Officers arrived and were directed to the suspect who informed officers that he was the driver at the time of the collision. Driver was unsteady on his feet and smelt of alcohol so was subject to a road side breath test where he blew 121. Driver was arrested (Camberley).

    Suspicious Incident (inc);

  • 12 Sept (20:20 - 20:30) Iberian Way. Occupants were away on vacation when they noticed an activation on their Ring doorbell camera. In this footage a male could be seen wearing a balaclava approaching the front door before noticing the Ring doorbell and leaving the location (Camberley).

    Theft (inc);

  • 15 Sept (18:20 - 19:55) Beresford close. Theft from motor vehicle - the front left side window has been smashed and informant’s phone and wallet has been taken as well as his friend’s phone and wallet (Frimley Green).


    As always, the local Neighbourhood Team are keen to receive information on all crime spotted or believed to have occurred as this can assist with ongoing enquiries, as well as helping to build up their wider intelligence picture.


    If you believe you have any information relating to any of these or any other events then please call 101 or alternatively, you can use social media messaging or the online reporting system



    If you do spot suspicious behaviour we urge people to call this in to the police immediately yourself, and of course if you believe there is a crime in progress do call 999.


    You can also give information, 100% anonymously, to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111; or through their anonymous online form: https://crimestoppers-uk.org/


    And to assist in helping you protect your residential property and its contents please see the crime prevention advice here:    https://www.surrey.police.uk/burglary


    For information and advice regards Cybercrime and Fraud please visit cyberaware.gov.uk and   www.actionfraud.police.uk




    Kind regards and please stay safe and well.


    Rob Freeman

    Community Engagement Volunteer (Surrey Heath Police)


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