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Residential Burglary and Other Crime report 02 August 2022

Dear Surrey Heath residents.


Please find below details of the currently reported burglaries (or attempted burglaries) to residential properties (including shed break-ins) as well as other crime statistics over the last period (11 July - 02 Aug 2022). Summary details of these are provided in the list below.

Please note, where known I have used the approximate actual incident date/times rather than date the incident was reported (as there can be differences).



  • 27 July (11:45 - 15:15) Alexandra Avenue. Entry gained through open window. Messy search of bedroom. Jewellery taken whilst other high value items ignored.


  • 23 July (22:30) Gilbert Road. Report of kitten being removed from property. Kitten was later recovered.


  • 15 July (21:00) - 16 July (13:30) Marshwood Road. Unknown person(s) damaged back gate to gain entry to back garden and have attempted to gain entry through a window by removing external beading and attempting to smash the window with a tool which they left behind. No access to the dwelling was gained.

    To provide a further idea of the activities of the Surrey Heath Police team, there were 420 new incidents/occurrences being looked into during this period. A summary of these is given below along with some accompanying notes later;


    Absconder/AWOL/Wanted (3), ASB Environmental (1), ASB Personal (1), Assault On Police (6), Burglary Business & Community (5), Burglary Residential (3), Child Protection Incident (27), Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme (2), Concern For Safety (3), Crime Other (23), Crime Public Order (14), Crime Vehicle (10), Criminal Damage (23), Custody Admin (5), Domestic Incident (38), Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme – R2K (1), Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme – R2A (4), Drug Seizure (2), Drugs (3), Drunk/Drug In Charge (3), Family File (3), Financial Investigation (1), Fire (1), Firearm/Ballistic – Voluntarily Surrendered (1), Firearms – Non Notifiable Crime (2), Fraud Being Investigated (1), Fraud Referred To Action Fraud (2), Fraud Vulnerable Victim (2), Harassment (8), Hate/Diversity Incident (12), High Risk Vulnerable Adult Incident (1), Knife/Blade Possession – Private Place (1), Lost/Found/Prop/Person (1), Master Occurrence (8), Mental Health (5), Missing Person – High Risk (4), Missing Person – Medium Risk (3), Mod SlavelabServitude (1), Neighbour Dispute (8), NICE Admin Occurrence (3), Non Notifiable Offence (1), Not A Crime (5), Offensive Weapon (1), Out of Force Enquiries (1), Pets/Domesticated Animals (2), Prescribed Limit Offence (4), Public Order (9), Rape/Serious Sexual Offence (1), Road Related Offence (2), Robbery (2), RTC Serious Injury (1), Sexual Offence (4), Stalking (2), Sudden Death Non Suspicious (9), Suspicious Incident (1), Theft (34), Unauthorised Encampments (1), Violent Crime Other (14), Violent Crime Public Place (23), Violent Domestic (9), Vulnerable Adult Incident (27), Wildlife (1).



    Burglary Business & Community;   

  • 15 July (01:45 - 02:00) London Road. Theft of oil from shed outside fast food restaurant (Camberley).
  • 20 July (18:35) - (18:55). Places Leisure Centre. Trespass and theft of items from Costa Coffee (Camberley).
  • 23 July (00:00) - 24 July (00:00) Portsmouth Road. Outside gas cylinder store forced open at Hospital (Frimley).
  • 19 July (10:00) - 25 July (10:00) Deepcut Bridge Road. Unknown suspects have kicked a hole in the bottom part of the door enabling someone to crawl through into toilet block (Deepcut).
  • 25 July (06:00 - 10:00) Shepherds Lane. Cables stolen from location (Windlesham).

    Crime Vehicle;   

  • 19 July. Report of stolen vehicle spotted parked on driveway (Chobham).
  • 21 July (22:00) – 22 July (07:30) Guildford Road. Number plates stolen from white 20-plate Mercedes V220 (Bisley).
  • 27 July (15:20) Tools stolen from van. Informant parked his van to help a delivery driver. As he was coming back to his van he saw two males running back to their car after taking power tools from his van. One suspect (driver of the car) described as white, fat, wearing a hat, 40-50s, possibly blue and grey t-shirt. Suspects made off in vehicle which was tracked out of the Borough. Stolen items were; Erbauer plunge saw with 2 tracks, Dewallt double box with 2x combi drills, 2x impact driver kits, 2x battery chargers, and 4 or 5 batteries, an Erbauer box with corded drill and equipment, Bosch electric planer (Deepcut).
  • 25 July (19:00) - 27 July (18:50) Cedar Lane. Theft of tools from motor vehicle whilst parked outside home address (Frimley).
  • 28 July (00:17) Guildford Road. Side window and wipers stolen from mini bus (Bisley).
  • 28 July (00:00 - 03:00) Ambleside. Theft of Bosch power tools from van overnight (Lightwater).
  • 29 July (04:30) Guildford Road. Male has attempted to enter informants Jaguar XF (Lightwater).
  • 29 July (11:45) Lory Ridge. Landrover Discovery has been searched through and change stolen. Suspect described as white / late 30s-40 /grey hair short /skinny build wearing black jacket and trousers. Suspect was loitering outside victim’s car when she noticed this had happened, she approached him and he ran away (Bagshot).
  • 29 July (23:45) Red Road. Report of break-in at vehicle storage yard and theft of white Burster Ford Nexxo T660 motorhome. Owners still have both sets of keys Camberley).
  • 31 July (02:00) Princess Way. Male driver has crashed into another vehicle and has failed a roadside breath test (Camberley).

    Drug Seizure;

  • 21 July. Warrant executed at location. Cannabis factory located. No persons present (Frimley Green).
  • 31 July Park Road. Male driver stopped and found to be in possession of herbal cannabis. Dealt with by a Community Resolution (Camberley).


  • 19 July. During a search a single bag of white powder found concealed in a book in the bedroom drawer (Chobham).
  • 27 July. Male found in possession of cannabis during a search (Chobham).
  • 02 Aug. During a vehicle stop check suspect has been in possession of 6.5 grams of herbal cannabis. Charged with Failing To Provide a specimen for analysis (when in custody – had already failed a road side test), driving without insurance and Cautioned for possession of Class B – cannabis  (Camberley).

    Drunk/Drug In Charge;

  • 25 July (18:26 - 19:26) Driver stopped due to erratic driving, cannabis smelt in the vehicle so driver was drugs wipe tested and failed (Camberley).
  • 26 July (00:01 - 01:01) Driver has driven through red light, was stopped and blew 48 at the roadside (Camberley).
  • 02 Aug (01:00) Frimley Road. Vehicle stopped, driver showing no insurance, positive drugs wipe and driver arrested. Failed to provide when taken into custody (Camberley).

    Fraud Being Investigated

  • 12 July. A male buyer from Facebook came to buy victim’s camera lens (Canon ultrasonic zoom lens 100-400mm). Suspect has pretended to have sent over money to the victim and left with the item. The victim has then realised afterwards that the male did not actually send over the payment. Suspect description; 45 / 5’10 / white male / tattoo on right arm that said ‘for our Charlie’ with Christian cross / facial hair / wearing a hat / light coloured t-shirt / mid length shorts with trainers. Using a black car (Mytchett).

    Fraud Referred To Action Fraud

  • 12 July. Report of passenger receiving an alleged fraudulent charge of £158 from Uber after they have accused him of being sick in an Uber taxi (Camberley).
  • 19 July Victim received message on their phone WhatsApp messaging allegedly from their daughter saying daughters phone had broken and that this was her new number and to delete the old one. Victim asked questions of whomever sent the message and answers were suspicious. Victim checked separately with daughter who confirmed she didn’t send the messages to to report the incident (Lightwater).

    Fraud Vulnerable Victim

  • 96 year old female has received a call from "No number" saying they are National Westminster Bank headquarters and investigating her local branch. They asked her to withdraw £4000 and they would call her when she gets home.  She attended her bank and reported herself that she had had this suspicious request.  The bank called police (Camberley).
  • Reports of suspected scam attempts related to potential romance fraud (Camberley)


  • 23 July (03:00 - 04:00). Victim and his friend have left Tru nightclub heading towards the A30. 2 suspects using a black VW Golf approached the victim and his friend and demanded the victim’s watch which was a Date Adjust Rolex (Camberley).
  • 24 July (16:45-16:50) Two youths were asked to meet a third boy to hang out and to bring cash. When they got that the location 2 other boys wearing ski masks held a screwdriver to one of the two’s stomach and told him and his friend to empty their pockets. When they realised the two boys had no money on them the took a chain from one of the boys from his neck. The two masked boys and the third boy then ran off.  Through investigation the assailants were  tracked down and  recovered (Camberley).
  • 01 Aug (18:00) Bret Harte Road.  Amazon delivery driver has had the keys to his van taken from him and the van containing around 40 parcels stolen. The stolen van triggered ANPR leaving the area and was later stopped after a short pursuit where the driver drove dangerously to evade police. The driver was arrested from the van and was found to be a non-licence holder and also a drugs wipe indicated cannabis presence. He was therefore further arrested for being unfit to drive through drugs (Frimley).

    Theft (inc);

  • 16 July (01:30 - 03:30). Theft of phone from handbag (Camberley).
  • 19 July (17:00 - 17:30). Theft of purse which was possibly left on side in Post Office. It was not handed in to staff so believed to have been taken from where it was left (Frimley).
  • 21 July (13:03) London Road. Suspect have stolen victim’s wallet and phone from her. Victim was shopping in Waitrose. Suspect(s) have then gone into Argos and made a purchase of £1,400. Victim’s banks have been made aware (Bagshot).
  • 25 July (11:30). Theft of purse from person in Primark store. Purse contained some cash and also bank cards and drivers license. Victim has contacted the bank who have cancelled the cards and are dealing with this (Camberley).
  • 26 July (14:01) Garden Drive. Knee scooter belonging to a below-the-knee amputee has been stolen from outside his property. Knee scooter was used to get the owner from his car into his home. Camera outside the house picked up a white van and a male appeared to be knocking on victim’s door and walking toward the scooter. Victim presumes male was searching for scrap metal however scooter was stored on the drive nowhere near the public roadside (Chobham).
  • 06 July - 26 July Watchmoor Trade Centre, Watchmoor Rd. Theft of company vehicle (black 09-plate VW Golf) stolen whilst parked on roadside to worksite. Keys were not taken. Informant later received a letter from DVLA to suggest that someone else was trying to register it, but vehicle has not been sold. After an ANPR hit car was found and seized in Ikea car park in Reading (Camberley).
  • 29 July (15:20 - 17:10) Places Leisure Centre. Pushbike has been stolen. Pushbike was locked to bike racks outside the Leisure Centre and victim returned to find bike lock had been cut and bike stolen. Bike is a Carerra mountain bike in black with green (apron value £400), unknown model or serial number (Camberley).
  • 29 July (23:40 - 23:47) Red Road. Theft of Swift Challenger 580 caravan from secure vehicle storage compound. Reported that CCTV showed 4 males that appear to be young with hoodies have climbed over the fencing into the compound and hitched the victim’s caravan up to a motor home that was also being stored at the facility. They have then managed to start the motor home engine and have forced the gate of the storage facility open and driven out. The caravan has a bike rack on the rear and also has a sunshade awning attachment to the nearside Camberley).

    Unauthorised Encampment;

  • 18 July (23:00) Canal Centre.  Approx 7 cars/vans, 4 caravans  and 1 motorhome gained access to the site. Vehicles had departed on 20th July (Mytchett).

    As always, the local Neighbourhood Team are keen to receive information on all crime spotted or believed to have occurred as this can assist with ongoing enquiries, as well as helping to build up their wider intelligence picture.

    If you believe you have any information relating to any of these or any other events then please call 101 or alternatively, you can use social media messaging or the online reporting system



    If you do spot suspicious behaviour we urge people to call this in to the police immediately yourself, and of course if you believe there is a crime in progress do call 999.


    You can also give information, 100% anonymously, to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111; or through their anonymous online form: https://crimestoppers-uk.org/


    And to assist in helping you protect your residential property and its contents please see the crime prevention advice here:    https://www.surrey.police.uk/burglary


    For information and advice regards Cybercrime and Fraud please visit cyberaware.gov.uk and   www.actionfraud.police.uk



    Kind regards and please stay safe and well.


    Rob Freeman

    Community Engagement Volunteer (Surrey Heath Police)


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