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Mole Valley Beat Bulletin Tues 2nd Aug 2022


Rural PCSO,s on patrol in vicinity #Headley Rd assisted in recovery of stolen dumper truck they discovered on track leading to farmers field. Owner identified. Further tips to protect your plant : https://www.securedbydesign.com/.../plant-machinery-security


We launched our summer drink and drug driving campaign that will run for the month of August. 

Did you know that in 2021, 416 drink or drug drivers were arrested and charged in Surrey?


Skimming device was discovered on the ATM ( automated teller machine) at the post office in #Ashtead on 31/07 - police attended and found a small device attached by magnets - removed for evidence. Further tips to protect yourself from ATM fraud 👉🏼 https://www.surrey.police.uk/cp/crime-prevention/personal-safety-how-to-stay-safe/ATM-safety/


Have you been in a bar and felt uncomfortable by someone around you? Perhaps they didn’t get the message that you want to be left alone? We’ve been working with licensed premises across Surrey to help make sure everyone can enjoy their night out safely. In the bathrooms of many bars, restaurants and clubs across Surrey these posters will let you know the venue is part of the ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme. If things are feeling a bit weird, ask a member of staff if you can speak to Angela and they will discretely help you get out of the situation without any fuss. If you need to report something to the police, we’re here for you too so please get in touch.


When not in use either at home or on holiday – store your keys in a security pouch. Security pouches are sometimes termed Faraday bags , these pouches will prevent the signal from your vehicle from being captured using electronic devices. https://www.securedbydesign.com/guidance/crime-prevention-advice/vehicle-crime/relay-theft


Bikers - We know why you do this, so expect to be dealt with. Registration marks must be clearly displayed and on a vertical axis (or as close to as possible). Hiding it under the wheel arch is clearly illegal. Ticket issued + follow up visit pencilled in. #VanguardRST


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