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Residential Burglary and Other Crime Report 21 June 2022

Dear Surrey Heath members / residents.


Please find below details of the currently reported burglaries (or attempted burglaries) to residential properties (including shed break-ins) as well as other crime statistics over the last period (08 – 21 June 2022). Summary details of these are provided in the list below. 

Please note, where known I have used the approximate actual incident date/times rather than date the incident was reported (as there can be differences).


Thankfully over this period no residential burglaries appear to have been reported.


To provide a further idea of the activities of the Surrey Heath Police team, there were 260 new incidents/occurrences being looked into during this period. A summary of these is given below along with some accompanying notes later;

Absconder/AWOL/Wanted (1), ASB Nuisance (1), Assault On Police (4), Attempted Suicide (1), Child Placement Info (1), Child Protection Incident (17), Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme (1), Concern For Safety (10), Crime Other (15), Crime Public Order (7), Crime Vehicle (12), Criminal Damage (15), CSE Risk Management (1), Custody Admin (1), Domestic Incident (16), Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme – R2A (2), Drug Seizure (1), Drugs (4), Drunk/Drug In Charge (1), Family File (3), Firearm/Ballistic – Lawfully Held Surrendered (1), Fraud Being Investigated (3), Fraud Vulnerable Victim (1), Hate/Diversity Incident (5), High Risk Rape / Serious Sexual Offence (1), High Risk Sexual Offence (1), Keyless Vehicle Theft (3), Lost/Found/Prop/Person (1), MARAC (1), Master Occurrence (3), Mental Health (5), Missing Person – High Risk (2), Missing Person - Low Risk (1), Missing Person – Medium Risk (8), Neighbour Dispute (3), Not A Crime (3), Pets/Domesticated Animals (2), Prescribed Limit Offence (3), Rape/Serious Sexual offence (2), Sexual Offence (2), Stalking / Harassment (3), Sudden Death Non Suspicious (1), Theft (31), Violent Crime Other (19), Violent Crime Public Place (5), Violent Domestic (6), Vulnerable Adult Incident (27), Wildlife (1).



Crime Vehicle;   

  • 09 June (10:45) Orchid Drive. Front number plate taken after victim’s van was hit by another vehicle (Bisley).
  • 08 June (19:00) - 09 June (07:00) Frimley Green Road. Theft of red Honda 125 motorcycle. Victim still had the keys. Bike later recovered and suspects arrested (Frimley Green).
  • 11 June (19:00) - 12 June (14:00) Bracknell Road. Front number plate stolen from 16-plate blue Ford Mondeo (Camberley).
  • 11 June (18:30) - 12 June (06:00) Burnet Close. 69-plate white BMW 320i M Sport stolen from driveway overnight. Vehicle was left secured and victim still has the keys (West End).
  • 10 June (16:30) - 13 June (05:30) Admiralty Way. Theft of diesel from Luton van. Fuel cap on vehicle was noted as damaged (Camberley).
  • 13 June (07:20 - 17:30) Windsor Court Road. Suspect(s) have removed a black 13-plate Peugeot Tweet scooter and made off. Scooter was secured with steering lock and a central lock and victim still has the keys. Moped later found in Cobham (Chobham).
  • 13 June (21:00) - 14 June (07:00) Park Lane. Van broken into and tools (Mirkadesros sander machine, Makita hand drill and a medium sized breaker) have been stolen (Camberley).
  • 16 June (23:00) Church Lane. An unknown person has gained entry to a VW Transporter van parked on the victim’s driveway by using a tool to punch a hole beside the handle of the offside side door and has fled the scene after being disturbed by the van alarm (Bisley).
  • 16 June (19:50 - 20:18) High Street. Theft of wallet and documents from the victim’s motor vehicle whilst parked (Camberley).
  • 18 June (23:00) - 19 June (03:00) Watchetts Road. Victim has parked black Vauxhall Corsa at a friend’s house and suspect has stolen it. Car later located near Chertsey and owner was able to recover the vehicle (Camberley).
  • 17 June (18:15 - 18:30) Pembroke Broadway. Victim’s wallet, phone and some parcels stolen from vehicle whilst delivering. Cards from the wallet were then used in a number of shops until declined (Camberley).
  • 19 June (02:54) Bellever Hill.  Male has been seen to approach vehicle and try the door handle. Has not been successful and has walked away (Camberley).

    Drug Seizure;

  • Individual has handed in green herbal substance which was found within a children's home (Knaphill).


  • Police have detained a male for a S. 1 Pace search for an unrelated matter and have found the male to be in possession of herbal cannabis (Camberley).
  • Youth has been searched and found in possession of white powder (Chobham).
  • Male stopped in vehicle, detained for a drug search, found in possession of class A & B and dealt with for driving offences (Frimley Green).

    Drunk/Drug In Charge

  • Male stopped for drink drive blew 55 at the roadside, refused to provide at custody (Camberley).

    Fraud Being Investigated inc;

  • Female has been a victim of a romance scam on Instagram loosing over £1000. A male has asked victim to send her money to his bitcoin wallet and he would send her back a high amount, but male has now disappeared (Bagshot). 
  • Victim advising she has transferred £3365 to purchase a vehicle (advertised on Facebook) which has not been delivered and unable to get hold of the company - stated as AUTOPROMOTIONS LTD (Camberley).
  • Male with Irish accent, wearing a gold ring, approx. 30-35, 6 ft tall short brown hair, white Reebok top, black trousers and blue medical mask, tried to pay for goods with 5 x £20 fake polymer English notes in the Next store. Notes were retained and male left shortly after as passenger in red Renault Clio. The fake notes all have the same serial number - BL20 610057 and also had tape over the hologram to cover up words 'prop money' and 'movie money' (Camberley).

    Keyless Vehicle Theft

  • 16 June (03:39) Admiral Drive. 2 male suspects with face masks and hoods have stolen grey 68-plate E class Mercedes from address overnight. Victim saw on CCTV suspects appearing to use a key fob to unlock the car and then rolling it off the drive. Victim reports that they kept the keys in one of the Faraday pouches (Frimley).
  • 15 June (21:00) - 16 June (07:10) Winding Wood Drive. Keyless theft of grey 18-plate Mercedes CLS 400 D AMG Line Prem from driveway overnight (Camberley).
  • 16 June (07:45 - 08:50) Brandon Close. Keyless theft of blue 18-plate Mercedes GLC (Camberley).

    Prescribed Limit Offence;

  • 09 June A325 Portsmouth Road. Vehicle stopped for driving erratically, sole occupant and male driver refused to provide specimen of breath at roadside and refused again in custody (Frimley).
  • 11 June A30 London Road. Police called to report of a fight. Vehicle seen to leave location was stopped by police. Driver failed roadside test blowing 49 (Camberley).
  • 15 June A30 London Road. Male involved in RTC blew 97 at roadside and 82 in custody (Bagshot).

    Theft (inc);

  • 08 Jun (23:00) - 09 June (04:00). Theft of fuel from various plant machinery parked up. Approx 300-500 litres of diesel were taken. Suspects had cut through chain link fencing to get at the machinery (Camberley).
  • 16 June (22:30) - 17 June (06:00) Waterers Way. When victim’s Ford Transit was parked overnight suspect(s) have gained entry and stolen tools worth £500. They had drilled a hole in the back of the van, unlocked it from the back and then opened the side door (Bagshot).
  • 17 June (22:00 - 23:00) The Parade, High Street. Victim parked his electric bike near the gym  and when he came out it had been taken. Victim and his friend spent a few hours trying to find the bike when a male youth between the ages of 12-15, caucasian with brown hair, slim and tall, rode pass on the bike. Suspect was chased but made off. It is a Ancheer Power Electric bike 250W 26'' with removable 36V 8Ah /12.5Ah Lithium-Ion battery, 21 Speed Shifter.  Bike is black with some bits of red, a faded red seat cover, rear wheel spoke reflector light missing, a bit of rust on the front metal frame, battery not tightly fitted (makes some noise when u hit a kerb) but locked in place (Frimley).
  • 19 June (14:00 - 16:00) Leisure centre, Grand Avenue. Victim has been to the gym at the leisure centre and locked his push bike outside. He returned to get his bike to find it has been stolen. The bike is a Yodoo Canzo orange and silver full suspension bike worth £1500   (Camberley).
  • 20 June (06:00 - 11:30) Frimley Park Hospital. Victim reporting theft of her handbag from her vehicle containing driving licence, car log book, bank card and $900. Victim has cancelled her bank card and was advised to contact DVLA regarding her licence (Frimley).

    As always, the local Neighbourhood Team are keen to receive information on all crime spotted or believed to have occurred as this can assist with ongoing enquiries, as well as helping to build up their wider intelligence picture.

    If you believe you have any information relating to any of these or any other events then please call 101 or alternatively, you can use social media messaging or the online reporting system



    If you do spot suspicious behaviour we urge people to call this in to the police immediately yourself, and of course if you believe there is a crime in progress do call 999.


    You can also give information, 100% anonymously, to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111; or through their anonymous online form: https://crimestoppers-uk.org/


    And to assist in helping you protect your residential property and its contents please see the crime prevention advice here:    https://www.surrey.police.uk/burglary


    For information and advice regards Cybercrime and Fraud please visit cyberaware.gov.uk  and   www.actionfraud.police.uk


    Kind regards and please stay safe and well.


    Rob Freeman

    Community Engagement Volunteer (Surrey Heath Police)


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