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Runnymede April Engagement Plan

April has once again set Spring into motion with a flurry of activity from your Specialist Neighbourhood Team and Neighbourhood Policing Team. 

The Specialist Neighbourhood Team comprises of the Borough Commander, Sergeants, Police Constables and Police Community Support Officers committed to working on long standing, chronic issues that require in depth problem solving, whilst maintaining community safety and engagement. 

The Neighbourhood Policing Team comprises Sergeants and Police Constables on a rota system providing 24/7 coverage, responding to fast-time incidents and investigating crime that is happening on the borough. 

Together we are committed to making Runnymede a safe, secure and enjoyable place to live. 

This month through working with the community, partners and through our own patrols we have identified the following areas as priorities for us to concentrate on:

  • Quincy Road / Vicarage Road under pass, Egham
  • We have continued to see issues of youth disorder over the weekends and evenings with youths causing issues in this area. The weekend of the 1st May has seen a few youths stop checked whilst causing anti-social behaviour around the Orbit leisure centre. 

  • Hythe Park, Pooley Green
  • We are continuing to monitor anti-social use of motor vehicles around the vicinity of Hythe Park. 

  • Surrey Towers, Addlestone
  • PCSO Lydon is continuing to work with Runnymede Borough Council Housing department to address ant-social behaviour in and around Surrey Towers. 

  • Coxes Lock, Addlestone
  • We have been made aware of persons smoking cannabis and causing ASB around Coxes Lock which is disturbing other members of the public’s quiet enjoyment of this calming area. We will continue to conduct patrols around the area. 

  • Victory Park, Addlestone 
  • There have been reports of people causing damage to the bowls club and causing ASB in the park area. We have conducted engagement opportunities with local park goers and conducted patrols in the area.

    If you see anything that causes you alarm, harassment or distress at any of these locations, please report it to us on 101 or online, https://www.surrey.police.uk/contact-us/report-online/. 

    Amongst many other incidents that the teams have attended over this last month, here are a few highlights that we can share:

    PCSO Freeman assisted with two males having an argument within Egham Town and assisted the Neighbourhood Patrol Team in gaining valuable information that helped support them and how to effectively deal with both of them.

    PCSOs Lydon and Hallam proactively stopped two youths and recovered a small bag of cannabis. This matter has now been referred to our Youth Intervention Team in order to divert them from continuing down the path of drug use at such a young age.

    PCs Dickie, Langtree, Vasilova, Hall and Taylor from the Specialist Neighbourhood Team have been supporting the Neighbourhood Policing Team with a number of fast time incidents alongside their day-to-day work. These incidents have included attending Domestic Incidents, Mental Health issues and missing persons. 

    Sergeant White and Acting Sergeant Arrow assisted the Neighbourhood Policing Team at a fight which led to a number of other incidents being committed including criminal damage, assault police and racially aggravated public order. Two persons were arrested in relation to the fight and one further arrested for the other offences detailed. 

    PC Hall is currently looking into car meets within Runnymede and how to address this issue where there is the potential for persons to become seriously injured.

    PC Langtree has been out with the laser gun at locations where there have been accidents reported. He has also been outside Sandhills School to monitor the traffic situation at pick up and drop off times. The school are now trialling a “no right turn” policy in the hope that this will ease congestion around the area during these times. 

    Both teams have joined the Casualty Reduction Officer for a “Close-Pass” Operation around New Haw Road and Addlestone. This was to address near misses or close overtaking of cyclists and to maintain road safety. Several vehicles were stopped for various traffic related offences. 

    The North Runnymede team took part in the multi-agency Water Safety Day at Virginia Water where Fire & Rescue gave demonstrations on the water and what to do if you find yourself in trouble in the water. It was great to engage with all that came and spoke with us (and to have a look around our police vehicles). 

    This month we also welcome back Sergeant Sarah White to the North Runnymede Team where she will continue to work with the team to address issues within the community. 

    We look forward to another productive month within May. Your Specialist Neighbourhood Team: 
    Borough Commander Inspector Wyatt, Sergeant Betts, Sergeant White, PC Arrow, PC Dickie, PC Hall, PC Langtree, PC Vasilova, PCSO Brumell PCSO Freeman, PCSO Hallam, PCSO Haylor, PCSO Humphrey, PCSO Lawford, PCSO Lydon, PCSO Orriss, PCSO Ruddock, PCSO Sutton, PCSO Street. 

    Youth Engagement Update

    Over the last two months, PC Wallace has had meetings with Safeguarding officers from some of the junior schools in the Runnymede area and has had a meeting with staff from the Targeted Youth Support Team.  

    PC Wallace has spoken to one young person and her mother who sometimes have a volatile relationship.  She has discussed referring them to a fairly new service which works with young people and their families with a view to making their relationship a non-violent and respectful one.  The referral has been completed and they will be assessed.

    PC Wallace also attended one of the secondary schools for a Careers evening which was well attended and very busy as well as enjoyable.  

    PC Wallace has continued obtaining statements and evidence in relation to two incidents involving violence in one of the schools.  It is extremely important that the behaviour policy of the schools is robust enough to deal with students who are using violence in school.  Where it is necessary and proportionate police will also investigate violent incidents in school with a view to referring the relevant students to the Youth Intervention Team for restorative work to be completed.  

    She has also provided constructive words of advice to two female pupils who were involved in an assault on another pupil at school.  The girls realise that their behaviour was very poor and admit that they should never have reacted in the way that they did.  They are both keen to put the incident behind them and get on with what they should be doing at school – learning.

    PC Wallace has had to speak to two boys about their behaviour towards a girl who attends the same school as them.  The incident happened in the community and they made her feel uncomfortable and intimidated.  The boys were advised and reminded that they should not act in that way and that whilst they had thought their actions as funny, the other party did not think that it was at all.  They have been told they need to think before they act and think about the consequences of their actions.

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