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Take time to take one extra look, road users asked in summer campaign

Taking just one extra look at a junction could save a life. That is the vital messaging Surrey Police is highlighting this summer during the national Two-Wheel campaign (3-16 June). 


The Force is asking all road users to take responsibility to look out for each other and be vigilant while out and about, taking that important extra moment to watch out for motorcyclists. 


Research shows that motorcyclists feature disproportionately in road collisions in the UK, with the majority of these happening at junctions and many preventable if more time was taken. Stats19 data from across Surrey shows that motorcycle victims are most commonly men under the age of 30, with fatalities mostly happening on our urban roads. 


National data from the Department for Transport and the National Road Traffic Census also reveals that the most common factor in fatal or serious collisions is drivers or riders not looking properly. 


In Surrey, the Force is on a mission to crack down on the number of killed or seriously injured motorcyclists. Throughout June, there will be increased presence on Surrey roads to catch drivers and riders acting irresponsibly, in a bid to keep everyone safe. 


As part of Surrey Police’s approach to tackling these road safety issues, the Force is launching their #OneExtraLook motorcycle campaign video, coinciding with the national Two-Wheel operation. 


The video hopes to provoke an emotional response that will prompt change in road users’ behaviour and for everyone to take time at junctions to save lives on our roads. The campaign asks road users to consider the impact of a fatal motorcycle collision on family and friends, and the video features family members who might be affected, with them asking on camera, “take one extra look for me”.   


The video can be watched here. 


Chief Inspector Chris Tinney from the Roads Policing Unit for Surrey Police said: “It is important that all road users take their time at junctions, as research shows us that this is where most collisions and fatalities happen. If everyone is responsible for taking just one extra look, we can all work together to cut the number of preventable collisions on our roads. 


“The summer is a popular time for people to get out and about on ‘two wheels’, including pedal bikes and motorcycles. Our officers will be out patrolling our roads and watching for irresponsible behaviour by any road user, as well as drivers who decide not to give two wheels the respect they need to remain safe”.


The campaign is being supported by Surrey RoadSafe. 

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