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Courier Fraud

We have recently had a number of reports of courier fraud across East Surrey. These cases have involved vulnerable/elderly residents being targeted by people impersonating Surrey police officers. The individual then informs the victim that  someone has been fraudulently using their bank card. The ‘police’ will then ask for financial help to arrest the suspects. 


Out of the 23 offences recorded since January of this year, nine have resulted in the victim losing money. On a few occasions, the victim physically withdrew cash and gave it to the suspect/courier in person.


The latest variation is where the scammer contacts you and says your bank account has been taken over and you need to transfer all the funds into a ‘safe account’. Of course, the new account is operated by the scammers, who then steal the funds.


For more information on courier fraud advice, visit our web page here: Door-to-door and courier fraud | Surrey Police or report this and many other types of fraud, to Action Fraud the UK’s national fraud and cybercrime reporting centre.



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