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Last week, our Specialist Neighbourhood team (SNT) were out across Runnymede in plain clothes as part of an operation to combat thefts from shops to support local businesses as part of Business Impact Week. This resulted in numerous shops being visited by our PCSOs to ascertain how best we can support them. Through the PCSOs work, they were quick to relay any concerns that the shops had to our PCs who were out in the community conducting stop searches of several individuals. This also led to intercepting an individual returning to a shop who had been in earlier in the day stealing over £300 worth of meat, and who was subsequently arrested.

All in all the day consisted of:

- Ten shops visited who had been identified as most prevalent for shoplifting

- Numerous stop searches were conducted

- One arrest on suspicion of shoplifting and subsequently charged for the offence

- One Community Protection Warning with conditions to reduce their offending

- Two Community Protection Notices served on two individuals who are now banned from Runnymede, and who were in custody also on suspicion of theft by our colleagues across the river 

This is just one way we continue to support our business community in reducing shoplifting. By pursuing offenders and looking into innovative methods we hope to make people think twice who intend to enter our borough to commit crime.


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