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Mole Valley Beat Bulletin Thurs 28th March 2024.

Follow links  to report and also find crime prevention advice and further tips on the subjects outlined below.






Unfortunately, vans are often targeted by thieves for the tools stored inside. If you have no choice but to leave your tools in your van overnight, it is a good idea to mark them with your name or company name using paint pens and then sealed with a clear lacquer spray. Items that are clearly marked are more difficult to sell on and are less desirable. 🛠️



Using a lockable cabinet within your van, or installing cameras inside, are also effective steps to deter thieves. 


Find more tips on how to prevent vehicle theft, here > 






Surrey RoadSafe

This vehicle activated several speed cameras in Surrey, leading to an investigation as a possible clone.



Found to be at an address in Addlestone, where #VanguardRST attended, inspected the vehicle to find it was stolen from West Mids. in Jan 23 & purchased by an innocent party. Seized.


Burglary Alert: 


Tues 26th March 20:38 – Chart Downs Dorking. Suspects have smashed glass to rear back door. Probably leant in and unlocked door with key that was in the lock on the inside. Stole key from draw and car from driveway.


Sat 23rd March 00:01 – Sun 24th March 23:59 Lower Road Bookham break in at construction site and stole power tools. 




Sunday 24th March 12:49 Cobham Rd Fetcham Close pass by vehicle on cyclist. Driving without due care and attention.


Weds 27th March 18:00 -20:00 Clare Crescent Leatherhead window forced on car and smart phone and watch stolen along with other items.  


Mon 18th March 23:32 – Fri 22nd March 23:32 The Street Capel front number plate stolen from Ford S-Max. 


It may not be the first thing you think that thieves would be interested in, but stolen number plates can be used for various offences by criminals. These can include things like fuel theft, traffic violations or using them for ‘getaway’ cars. 🚗


A quick and simple tip is to use security screws on your plates to make it that much harder for thieves to steal. If your number plates are stolen, please make sure to report it to you as soon as possible so that any future offences are not linked back to you. ❌

Find out more on how to keep your vehicle safe here > http://spkl.io/61894Loyt


Five things you should do when walking dogs in farming areas

  • You must ensure a field or area has no livestock or wild animals in it before letting your dog off lead. 
  • It’s the law to keep your dog is under control in an area where there are livestock or wild animals.
  • Be particularly vigilant during lambing season and always keep dogs on a lead during this time.
  • Don't allow people who may not be confident in doing so or may not have full control over the animal to walk your dog.
  • Remember where there may be no livestock in a field one day, the same location could be full of animals the next.
  • https://crimestoppers-uk.org/keeping-safe/rural-crime


    Recent Reports of Anti -Social Behaviour (ASB).


    Old Reigate Road Betchworth - abandoned horse box. Reported to council. 


    Edenside Road Great Bookham - report of  abandoned vehicle.Not stolen or causing an obstruction.


    Clare Crescent Leatherhead - youth kicked door of residentail address - no damage reported. 


    Wenlock Edge Stubs Hill Dorking - report of weed being smoked in communal area. 


    Further help.


    Report it - https://www.surrey.police.uk/ro/report/asb/asb-v3/report-antisocial-behaviour/



    SGT WHATHAM Hannah MOLE VALLEY ALL AREAS. hannah.whatham@surrey.police.uk 
    PCSO SADLER DavidDORKING RURAL EASTDavid.Sadler@surrey.police.uk
    PCSO NEWMAN Penny DORKING TOWNPenny.Newman@surrey.police.uk
    PC GROUT StephenDORKING AND RURAL EAST AND WEST stephen.grout@surrey.police.uk
    PC D’ADEMO Gabriella DORKING TOWNGabriella.DAdemo@surrey.police.uk
    PC STOREY OliverDORKING TOWN AND RURAL EAST AND WESTOliver.Storey@surrey.police.uk
    PCSO DALY PaulineASHTEADPauline.Daly@surrey.police.uk
    PCSO HAWKINS MarionBOOKHAM and FETCHAMMarion.Hawkins@surrey.police.uk
    PCSO LILLY LouiseNORTH LEATHERHEADLou.Lilly@surrey.police.uk
    PC HELM ZoeLEATHERHEADZoe.Helm@surrey.police.uk 
    PC KEEN Ewan LEATHERHEAD  Ewan.Keen@surrey.pnn.police.uk







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