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Suppressing Stalking in Surrey

Dear all,


We wanted to take a moment to share with you what we’re doing to tackle a recent surge in stalking crimes, of which we know can have an enormous impact on victims. Stalking and harassment are separate crimes. Both involve repeated unwanted behaviour, but stalking is more intense and the perpetrator has an obsession or fixation with the person they are targeting. Think FOUR – if someone’s behaviour is Fixated, Obsessive, Unwanted and Repeated these could be warning signs of stalking. For more information, visit our website.


In 2020 we introduced a new screening tool for stalking which assists our response officers in identifying stalking, harassment or other crimes at an early stage. We have also worked closely with our contact handlers to ensure that reports of either are recorded appropriately from the outset.


We acknowledge that charge rates for both crimes are low, which is the case nationally, and this is something that we’re constantly looking to review and are committed to improving. In some cases though, charging is not always the best outcome for the victim and we will look to safeguard them in other ways, such as by using Stalking Protection Orders.


These place restrictions on perpetrators, such as prohibiting them from entering a particular area or making contact with the victim. The perpetrator may also be required to provide police with their devices for examination on request, notify us of new relationships or attend a specialist behaviour programme. In Surrey, we have the highest number of Stalking Protection Orders per 1000 stalking crimes in the country. Failure to adhere to the Stalking Protection Order can result in up to five years behind bars.


If you are, or have been, a victim of stalking, please report it to us. We have specialist teams here to support you, and we are committed to bringing perpetrators to account. Help is out there so please take the first step and talk to someone, whether that’s us or a different organisation.

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