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Following information received about antisocial car meets in the Borough, enquiries by officers on the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) have identified several vehicles which were in attendance. Seventeen warning letters have been issued, along with two Community Protection Warnings (CPW) for repeat attendance, and two Community Protection Notices (for breach of CPW).



On Tuesday 23rd January, officers from SNT were out on patrol with Environmental Health Officers (EHO) from Runnymede Borough Council (RBC) conducting a joint operation targeting illegal waster carriers and fly tipping. We located a few fly-tips where the EHOs were able to gather intelligence and evidence to enable to them to identify the people involved. Enquiries are ongoing, but they hope to prosecute the offenders. RBC will attend to clear the waste, unless the tip is on private land in which case it will have to be cleared at the land owner's expense. We also identified a location where it appears stolen tools are being 'sorted'. We will be including this in our patrols and conducting enquiries to see if we can link any of the evidence to recent offences. If you are getting rid of waste, please ensure you use a reputable and licenced waste carrier (https://environment.data.gov.uk/public-register/view/search-waste-carriers-brokers). If your waste is identified in an illegal fly-tip you could be prosecuted if you can't prove you took reasonable steps to ensure it would be disposed of lawfully.

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