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Do you know about our suspicious activity portal?

As part of our 'Autumn Nights' burglary campaign, we are asking Surrey residents to help us reduce the number of burglary offences in the county by submitting any video footage (such as CCTV, dashcam, or smart doorbell footage) and photographs which show suspicious activity, via our suspicious activity portal. 

Although realistically we may not be able to identify every person in a piece of footage, especially if they have a face covering, every clip feeds into our understanding of the bigger burglary picture in Surrey.

The portal is for circumstances where no crime has been reported, but the suspicious behaviour could potentially be related to a burglary, theft of a vehicle, or catalytic converter, for example.  

So what is suspicious activity?
Someone who you may consider to be a trespasser or prowler looking in vehicles or car doors
Scoping out addresses 
Conducting occupancy checks prior to a burglary
Burglars look for any opportunity to break into vehicles and homes and find vulnerabilities in security 

In the long-term we hope that this initiative will help us reduce the number of burglary offences and provide reassurance to residents. 

Please report any suspicious activity via the portal here

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