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Bulletin 25   November 2nd – November 15th 2023

Dear Residents

There are many ways to protect your car from being stolen.

Ghost Immobiliser

 A Ghost Immobiliser is the world's first aftermarket CAN (Controller Area Network) bus immobiliser. It will protect your vehicle from theft.  

The Ghost Immobiliser will prevent the car engine starting unless the unique PIN code has been entered first; even if the thief has stolen your keys! There are a number of TASSA approved and accredited installers who advertise in the internet.

 Wheel/Pedal Locks

Further to this Surrey Designing Out Crime Officers (DOCO’s) have supported the use of mechanical locks to prevent this type of offence. As stated by the MLA, “most modern car thieves are equipped with laptops rather than hand tools”, so wheel/pedal locks will be a significant deterrent. Examples of recommended products are as follows :

 Disklok Wheel Lock

ETRADER Pedal Lock

There are pedal boxes as well which are aimed at commercial vans/motor caravans:

Logistics PedalBox

OBD Locks

Another option available are OBD (On Board Diagnostics) locks. One technique for keyless thefts is to access the OBD port and effectively hack the car, allowing criminals to programme a blank key fob with the information required to activate the vehicle. OBD locks are simply a security device that prevents physical access to the port, and thus stops criminals being able to access the information they require.


Inspector Lyndsey Whatley

Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood Inspector


Don’t forget to join us at Lingfield Park Marriott Hotel and Country Club on Monday, 20th November, from 18:30, to hear about our current challenges, future plans and a chance for you to ask us about issues affecting your community!  Police and Crime Commissioner Lisa Townsend, Chief Constable Tim Meyer and your Borough Commander will be there.


Can’t make it? Don't worry we are also hosting a Tandridge Engagement event virtually on Wednesday, 17 January 2024 from 19:45-20:45.


More information and details on how to register for both events can be found here by using this web address: http://spkl.io/61834WHLV





Our Neighbourhood Patrol Team and Safer Neighbourhood Team deal with a variety of incidents. Here are a few they dealt with since the last Bulletin.


There were 28  Arrests in the period October 30 th  to November  12th    : Burglary 2,Domestic Abuse / Violent Domestic Abuse  11 , Domestic Incident 1, Drug Related 1 ,Alcohol Related 3, Public Order 2  ,Prescribed Limit Offence 1, Drunk/Drug in charge of a vehicle 1, Violent Crime Public Place 1  , Immigration 3  , Child at Risk 1   , Absconder/AWOL/Wanted  1 .



Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood Team has been working closely with local businesses in order to tackle retail crime and shoplifting offences across the borough.


In September, a 37-year-old man was convicted following a series of shoplifting offences in the Co-Op on Townend Road in Caterham. Over a two week period between August and September, he stole multiple items ranging from alcohol and ready meals with a value of hundreds of pounds. The staff reported this to police and PC Kevin Stimson was quick to act, working closely with the Co-Op to gather evidence from CCTV cameras and taking witness statements. PC Stimson was also in close consultation with the anti-social behaviour team to consider which civil ASB legislation could be used alongside criminal proceedings.


The suspect was arrested, charged and subsequently pleaded guilty at court to four counts of shoplifting and was given a fine. His guilty plea triggered a recall to prison as the man was already serving a suspended sentence at the time. Furthermore, he was issued with a Community Protection Notice that will prohibit him from returning to the shop for a year.


Last month, a further two people were charged with shoplifting offences in Caterham.


If you or your business is victim of a crime, please report it to us by sending us a direct message or call 999 if it’s an emergency.




In the last Bulletin two weeks ago we highlighted the increase in tool thefts from vans across the borough of Tandridge. We have found that the majority of tool thefts that have occurred recently involve suspects drilling holes into the side or rear doors of vans in order to gain entry.


PC Holmwood and PCSO Wren were out and about in the Warlingham and Woldingham areas on November 15th engaging with people from the trading industry. You also may have returned to your van to find leaflets on your windscreen. These are tool theft awareness and prevention leaflets which include advice on how to protect your tools and register them with Immobilise, the UK National Property Register.We also provided information on how to protect against this type of theft in Bulletin 24 that was issued two weeks ago


Our Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood Team are currently investigating the recent increase in tool thefts in the area and are proactively seeking to identify offenders.



 If your area is NOT referred to below it is because we have not been informed of the crime or it has not been affected by reported crime in the categories below. Feedback from you will help to achieve the most appropriate circulation of information.




Burglary Business and Community


Redehall Road, Smallfield. Around 02.58 November 3rd the front door of a shop was opened up with a tool and cash was stolen from a till and a jar (ref 45230124991).


Vehicle Crime


Clinton Hill, Dormansland – Theft. Around 15.00 November 2nd three males in a white Fiat van broke into a van full of tools by drilling the back door lock out and made off with a Bosch Breaker in a large box, a Hitachi skill saw in a green box together with taslode nail guns (ref 45230124809).


Station Road, Lingfield – Theft. Between 07.00 and 18.00 November 2nd index plates DL19LTZ were stolen (ref 45230124847).


Drivers Mead, Lingfield – Keyless Theft. Overnight November 13th to 14th a grey Nissan Navara index DT70DBZ was stolen (ref 45230129464).




Burglary Business and Community


Bletchingley Road, Nutfield. Overnight November 10th to 11th 11 containers within the car park of a building were tampered with and entry gained into three of them. It is not known what was stolen (ref 45230128234).


Criminal Damage


Ivy Mill Lane, Godstone. Overnight November 10th to 11th the window in the door of a telephone exchange was broken and suspects entered the premises causing damage to some of the internal rooms but did not steal anything (ref 45230128121).




Waterhouse Lane, Bletchingley. Overnight November 6th to 7th all the partitions of a trailer were removed and the lights and front window removed (ref 45230126762).


Godstone Hill, Godstone. Overnight November 12th to 13th 250L of diesel was stolen from a vehicle (ref 45230128978).


Vehicle Crime


Crab Hill Lane, South Nutfield.  Between 18.15 and 19.15 November 6th an  Indespension GT2700 trailer VIN SDHGT2700GP 148504 was stolen (ref 45230126504).


Sandy Lane, South Nutfield. Between 18.30 and 21.12 November 15th suspects forced open the bonnet of a vehicle, pulled out piping and pulled up the engine. They then returned in the early hours of the following day. Police attended and a dog unit picked up a track through the fields but the suspects were not found (ref 45230130255).




Burglary Residential including Sheds and Garages


Granville Road, Limpsfield. Around 03.00 November 12th it is believed a tool was used to pick up the keys of a car from a window sill just inside the front door of a house. A grey BMW X5 index OV21WRZ was then stolen from the driveway (ref 45230128688).


Criminal Damage.


Station Road East, Oxted. Around 12.50 November 15th two males entered a store and smashed the shelves and the glass in the front door. The female victim was then shoved out of the way in order that they could get out. It is not known whether anything was stolen. The males were described as white, bearded, dark hair with shaved sides, blue jeans, black shoes, grey T shirt, and Black coat. Both spoke with unknown accents and ran off towards Elllice Road (ref 45230129992).


Vehicle Crime


Pollards Oak Road, Hurst Green – Theft. Between 15.45 and 16.00 November 2nd front index plate RV11STZ was stolen from a car (ref 45230124708).


The Haywain, Oxted – Keyless Theft. Overnight November 2nd to 3rd a black Range Rover Evoque index MIA6472 was stolen from a driveway (ref 45230124950).


Station Road East, Oxted – Theft. Overnight November 14th to 15th index plates RV20WCT were stolen from a van (ref 45230129851).


Neb Lane, Oxted – Theft. Around 00.00 to 00.30 November 4th the rear tailboard and side steps on a Mitsubishi Barbarian L200 were stolen (ref 45230125434).


Wolfs Row, Limpsfield – Theft. Between 09.00 November 2nd and 09.00 November 3rd front index plate BG59OER was stolen from a car (ref 45230124960).


Detillens Lane, Limpsfield – Theft. Overnight November 2nd to 3rd index plates LB11YKD were stolen from a car (ref 45230125071).




Burglary Residential including Sheds and Garages


Godstone Road, Whyteleafe. Between November 2nd and 5th the window of a house was broken and damage caused after the suspect entered but nothing was stolen (ref 45230125705).


Deansfield, Caterham. Between 20.30 and 21.30 November 7th the outer pane of glass in the rear door of a property was smashed and the inner pane cracked but no entry was gained (ref 45230126900).


Burglary Business and Community


Station Road, Whyteleafe. Around 23.57 November 8th the window of a building was smashed used a crowbar and a safe containing £1,000 in bank notes was stolen. The suspect who was captured on CCTV climbing into a dark coloured Transit van was wearing a dark coloured gilet with the hood up and tightened round his face (ref 45230127169).


Vehicle Crime


Foxon Lane, Caterham on The Hill – Theft. Around 10.40 November 2nd two people wearing balaclavas drilled the back door lock out of a van and stole tools (ref 45230124551).


Church Walk, Caterham. Around 12.00 November 3rd two mobile phones were stolen from an unlocked car (ref 45230125237).


Station Avenue, Caterham – Theft. Around 10.15 November 15th the side door of a van was drilled and a Honda Generator and some hand tools were stolen. The victim had only left he van for about a minute and did see a white Peugeot van pull in behind him when he parked up (ref 45230129908).


Newbery Close, Caterham – Criminal Damage. Between November 3rd and 9th a van was damaged by what appeared to be ball bearings that had been shot at it (ref 45230127958).


Westview Avenue, Whyteleafe – Keyless Theft. Overnight November 11th to 12th a black Kia Sportage index YC15XJM was stolen (ref 45230128738).


Station Road, Whyteleafe – Criminal Damage. Between 00.00 and 16.00 November 15th a drill was used to make a hole adjacent to the lock of a van but no entry was gained (ref 45230130088).




Burglary Residential including Sheds and Garages


Mimosa Drive, Woldingham. Between 18.45 and 20.52 November 3rd after gaining access to a ground floor room by forcing a window open suspects undertook an untidy search and stole a substantial amount of jewellery (ref 45230125280).


Southfields Road, Woldingham. Around 17.39 November 11th a person was seen standing on the window ledge of a house and their legs caught on CCTV. The suspect ran away and the informant was unable to provide a description (ref 45230128440).


Butlers Dene Road, Woldingham. Between 12.00 November 11th and 00.30 November 12th the patio door to the living room of a house was forced open causing the glass to smash. Following an untidy search various items of jewellery were placed in a pillow case which was also stolen along with the items (ref 45230128799).


Vehicle Crime


Tatsfield Approach Road, Tatsfield – Theft. Between 18.45 and 19.30 November 4th a white VW Crafter van index DN18RZR was stolen from a lay-by (ref 452301225640).


Landscape Road, Warlingham – Theft. Around 11.55 November 7th the lock on a van was drilled and a mini grinder was stolen by suspects who drove off in a white BMW (ref 45230126682).


Farleigh Road, Warlingham – Theft. Around 12.00 November 7th a Makita chop saw and Dewalt laser leveller  were stolen from an insecure van by two possibly Eastern European male suspects who when spotted drove off in a white BMW on cloned index plates  towards Selsdon (ref 45230126658).


Harrow Road, Warlingham – Theft, Around 12.01 November 7th a hole was made in the side of a van but nothing was stolen (ref 45230126719).


If you have to contact us about a non-urgent matter or to provide information on non-urgent suspicious matters or unusual behaviour you have observed which may be useful intelligence for us at a future date please email Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood Team:  tandridge@surrey.police.uk 
The information you provide will be read and treated in confidence when the staff are next on duty.


We have a portal for circumstances where no crime has been reported, but the suspicious behaviour could potentially be related to a burglary, theft of a vehicle, or catalytic converter, for example. We have a different unique link we provide to victims and witnesses when a burglary has occurred.

To find out more about the portal and submit your footage visit this link: https://surrey.police.uk/suspiciousactivityportal


Any recipient of Neighbourhood Alert is free to copy our Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter to any other interested party who can also register to receive the bulletin at: https://neighbourhoodalert.co.uk


You can read past editions on the Tandridge Neighbourhood Watch website www.tandridgenhw.org  if you click on the tab headed Police

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