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Tandridge Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter

Bulletin 19   August 17th – August 30th 2023

Dear Residents


Please consider calling your Police Designing out Crime Officer (DOCO) to discuss crime prevention, but the following basic advice may be all that you need to do.

 The majority of burglaries are committed by burglars going around the back of the house to break in through a door or window. Making side gates higher and fitting a padlock will make it more difficult for them to get to the rear of your property. We have seen evidence of burglars lifting up a fence panel to get into rear gardens. A typical fence panel slides down between concrete posts. It can therefore be lifted up, unless secured tightly with nails, screws, grips or wedges.

 When you are next at the garden centre, see what they have that you can use on your particular style of fence. It need not be expensive. Do not make it easy for them and remember to keep your wheelie bin behind the locked side gate so they can't use it to climb on.

Inspector Lyndsey Whatley

Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood Inspector




Date: Monday 4th September

Time: 11:00 – 12:30

Venue: The Westway Community and Wellbeing Centre, 25 Chaldon Road, Caterham on The Hill, CR3 5PG.

All are welcome to our next community engagement event to discuss any issues or concerns you may have.

We will also be offering fraud and scam prevention advice.

 We look forward to seeing you there




Our Neighbourhood Patrol Team and Safer Neighbourhood Team deal with a variety of incidents. Here are a few they dealt with since the last Bulletin and a Court result.


There were 25 Arrests in the period August 13th to August 27th   : Domestic Abuse / Violent Domestic Abuse 13    , Child at Risk 1   , Absconder/AWOL/Wanted 1, Public Order 1, Prescribed limit offence 2, Theft 2, Robbery 2, Violent Crime Public Place 2, Road Related 1.


Earlier this month following an investigation into a string of burglaries (2 in Tandridge, 1 in Hooley and 1 in Kent), a vehicle was stopped within Surrey on the M25 and the two occupants within were arrested for these burglaries. They have since been charged with the four offences and now await their day in court.


A male was assaulted by three males wearing balaclavas and puffa jackets in Master Park, Oxted on August 18th. Two suspects have been arrested and enquiries continue.


On August 20th we deployed our Drone in Tandridge to assist the Roads Policing Unit and Dog Units in order to provide overhead coverage whilst 5 people were arrested and a large number of stolen vehicles were recovered.


On August 20th in Warlingham a male driver was arrested after failing a roadside breath test and after being found to be disqualified from driving and having no insurance.


In Lingfield on August 21st after a road traffic collision a female driver was arrested after failing a roadside breath test and or driving when her Licence had been revoked.


On August 21st at Guildford Crown Court Mari Dinjaku, 38, of Munro Avenue, Wokingham was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment for conspiracy to commit burglary after pleading guilty. The offences took place in Farnham, Wokingham, Limpsfield and Manchester between March 2022 and January 2023.


On August 26th a male was arrested in Warlingham after failing a roadside breath test following a road traffic collision.


At a showground in Lingfield on August 28th two males were arrested for being drunk and disorderly, one of whom will be further arrested for other offences after enquiries have been completed.


 If your area is NOT referred to below it is because we have not been informed of the crime or it has not been affected by reported crime in the categories below. Feedback from you will help to achieve the most appropriate circulation of information.




Burglary Residential including Sheds and Garages


St Piers Lane, Dormansland. Overnight August 28th to 20th entry was gained to two separate boarding houses. An untidy search was carried out and items were taken from one of the houses (ref 45230096936).


 Burglary Business and Community


Keepers Corner, Burstow. Around 02.22 August 24th after climbing over the gate of a building site and stole an insulation sheet from a yard and a wheel barrow and tools from a secure stable (ref 45230094854).




Rookery Lane, Smallfield. Between August 18th and 21st two horses were stolen from a field. Horse 1 was a 17 year old female, mostly white with brown markings. Not micro chipped. Horse 2 was a 13 year old female black and white, micro chipped 981000004223428 (ref 45230093763).


Vehicle Crime


New Farthingdale, Dormansland – Theft. Overnight August 28th to 29th a blue VW Polo S index FM02BWC was stolen (ref 45230096785).


Racecourse Road, Dormansland – Theft. Overnight August 27th to 28th a trailer and a red Honda 4 Trax 420 quad bike were stolen. The trailer was a Paxton single axle Ranger 4WTAWA0288009135 index H1ESX (ref 45230096384).






Oxted Road, Godstone. Around 08.13 August 222nd a male described as around 5ft 8” tall, approximate age 18 with dark hair and wearing a black hoodie, black tracksuit with high vis jacket stole a ladder from a front garden (ref 45230094191).


Vehicle Crime


Mid Street, South Nutfield – Criminal Damage. Around 23.00 August 18th two cars were vandalised and four tyres damaged (ref 45230092923).




Burglary Residential including Sheds and Garages


Hall Hill, Oxted. Around 02.38 August 24th police and a dog unit attended an attempted burglary at a house where an alarm had sounded and CCTV showed a male running away into a field. The dog was unable to pick up any scent and there was no sign of forced or attempted entry (ref 45230094733).


Vehicle Crime

Hurst Green Road, Hurst Green – Theft. Between August 18th and 20th a silver Ford Transit index WG12AXT was stolen (ref 45230093397).






Croydon Road, Caterham. Around 15.50 August 23rd two men walked onto a building site and whilst one distracted a workman the other stole a Spit Pulsa 800E nail gun and charger (ref 45230094824).


Westway Common, Caterham on the Hill. Between 19.30 and 20.00 August 22nd an unattended Teal blue men’s Trek Marlin 5 bike was stolen by three men (ref 45230094599).


Vehicle Crime


Banstead Road, Caterham on The Hill – Theft. Between August 11th and 19th a silver Ford Fiesta index DV18ZWR was stolen (ref 45230092715).


Coulsdon Road, Caterham on the Hill – Theft. Overnight August 21st to 22nd a black Vauxhall Astra index LJ65JSV was stolen (ref 45230093989).


Manor Avenue, Caterham on The Hill – Keyless Theft. Between 03.58 and 06.00 August 23rd a grey BMW series 3 index RS07KMS was stolen from a driveway (ref 45230094334).


Stanstead Road, Caterham on The Hill – Criminal Damage. Between19.30 and 22.30 August 29th sidewall of the tyre on a car was cut by a sharp instrument (ref 45230097172).

Croydon Road, Caterham – Theft. Between August 15th and 18th index plates NX19YZH were stolen from a van (ref 45230092954).


Harestone Valley Road, Caterham – Keyless Theft, Between 18.00 August 22nd and 10.00 August 23rd a bronze9orange colour) BMW 330E M sport  index YA69YVD was stolen from a driveway (ref 45230094453).




Burglary Business and Community


Hillbury Road, Warlingham. Between 13.30 and 16.00 August 25th three out buildings and nine sheds on an allotment were broken into. Items stolen were a Cobra Brushcutter marked WAGA, a Cobra hedge cutter with WAGA painted on it and a rotavator (ref 45230094625).




Limpsfield Road, Warlingham. Around 14.50 August 25th a male on a white moped threatened another young male before taking a bag containing a bank card, provisional driving licence and an expired bus pass. The male was wearing a white moped helmet with a full face/flip front, black balaclava, and a grey track suit with a black man bag (ref 45230096018).


Vehicle Crime


Lusted Hall Lane, Tatsfield – Keyless Theft. Between 00.00 and 08.00 August 23rd a black Land Rover Discovery Sport HSE TD4 automatic index GF19YDP was stolen from a driveway (ref 45230094402).


If you have to contact us about a non-urgent matter or to provide information on non-urgent suspicious matters or unusual behaviour you have observed which may be useful intelligence for us at a future date please email Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood Team:  tandridge@surrey.police.uk 
The information you provide will be read and treated in confidence when the staff are next on duty.


We have a portal for circumstances where no crime has been reported, but the suspicious behaviour could potentially be related to a burglary, theft of a vehicle, or catalytic converter, for example. We have a different unique link we provide to victims and witnesses when a burglary has occurred.

To find out more about the portal and submit your footage visit this link: https://surrey.police.uk/suspiciousactivityportal


Any recipient of Neighbourhood Alert is free to copy our Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter to any other interested party who can also register to receive the bulletin at: https://neighbourhoodalert.co.uk


You can read past editions on the Tandridge Neighbourhood Watch website www.tandridgenhw.org  if you click on the tab headed Police

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